Hi all! The Russian Centre of reconciliation of the warring parties in a short time were organized and in less than a day the operation was carried out at the conclusion of the Eastern districts of Aleppo the armed forces and their families.

Operation completed output.

Blocked blocks left all civilians and the bulk of the militants.

On a specially created humanitarian corridor left 15 columns of militants and their family members.

Only in the direction of the Rashidin-4 buses and ambulances transported 9560 people.

Of these, 4435 militants, including 337 wounded, and all women and children.

The Russian Federation had taken all the necessary security measures to ensure the smooth retreat of militants and members of their families.

To these ends, the officers of the Russian Center for reconciliation was put seven commandant posts along the route columns.

The route tested in the absence of explosives, carried out by cleaning it from debris and barricades.

Russian soldiers controlled the loading into vehicles and convoys along the entire route.

Each bus was accompanied by representatives of the International Committee of the red cross.

The operation to liberate Aleppo from the terrorists ended.

Government forces eliminate certain groups of radicals, who refused to leave the city.

During the year, in the course of working meetings and negotiations on different levels, we tried to make the United States the practical steps towards separation of the "moderate opposition" from terrorists.

However, the United States, under various pretexts, refused to do it.

Then Russia suggested that joint efforts be made for the withdrawal of terrorists of "Jabhat al-Nusra" from East Aleppo, which also was supported by the United States.

Now we made it independently.

During the liberation of the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, surrendered voluntarily 3 406 militants of "moderate opposition", which ceased resistance and surrendered.

3056 of them are granted Amnesty in respect of other ongoing verification activities.

The number of militants from radical groups was more than four and a half thousand people.

The vast majority of them were withdrawn during the last days of the city.

This completed the separation of the "moderate opposition" from terrorists.

For all time of the operation to liberate the city from East Aleppo left more than one hundred and eight thousand civilians forcibly held by the militants.

They are now in temporary accommodation centres and provided with all necessary.

Humanitarian assistance to these people is only the Russian Federation and the Syrian government.

We have heard from the West and different international organizations calls promptly organise the delivery of food and Essentials to residents of Aleppo.

However, to date none of the states and international organizations such assistance to the population of the city has not.

In the liberated areas of Eastern Aleppo by the Syrian military had discovered several caches of food, brought from abroad.

These products are used only by terrorists and members of their families, and the people of Aleppo at this time suffered from malnutrition.

Apparently, the Western countries and humanitarian organizations are not in a hurry to send aid in Aleppo, as there are no more of its recipients militants and the civilians they are not interested.

One may Express their concern about the fate of the inhabitants of Aleppo, while in Geneva or New York, while doing nothing to help them.

Moreover, is gaining momentum a new information campaign.

Some Western politicians say about the alleged mass civilian casualties during the operation to liberate Aleppo.

According to them, the streets of the city littered with corpses, and the basement is still hiding thousands of residents.

Can responsibly say that this information is an outright lie.

Along with Syrian soldiers in the liberated from the militants areas of Aleppo came the officers of the Russian Center for reconciliation and representatives of the International Committee of the red cross, but no corpses were not found.

In addition, all over the world, in real time, was broadcasting with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Our people work on earth, and we get information first hand and not from social networking sites and militants.

Now, after the liberation of Eastern Aleppo, more than seven thousand residents have been able to return to their homes.

The return of the civilian population hampered by the fact that leaving the city, the terrorists have destroyed social infrastructure and left behind a large number of mines and mined social facilities.

Currently, the Russian sappers carried out mine clearing of the territory released by the militants.

Administration of the city under reconstruction.

In some areas has resumed electricity and water supply.

Recent months have shown that the Syrian government is ready to go to great lengths in order to Syrian peace.

The best evidence of this is the Amnesty, which could benefit thousands of people across the country, as well as access units of the opposition from a number of localities, blocked by government forces.

It helped to avoid unnecessary violence and save many lives.

As recent examples, in addition to Eastern Aleppo, can result in settlements of Khan al-Shikh and Et-Tell the province of Damascus.

We believe that with the withdrawal of armed groups from Aleppo and completion operations on its release created the conditions for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria.

" Thank you for your attention!.