RandyNewmanrecognized Russian President VladimirPutinin his very own unique entails on Wednesday's “LateShow with Stephen Colbert

Theepic 73 – year-old singer-songwriter carried out “Putin ,” a way from his brand-new cd “DarkMatter, ” launched on Friday, to a background of pictures of Russia's leader.

Jokinglyvocal singing that Putin could power an atomic power plant “with the left side of his mind, ” Newman additionally referenced the Russian leader's routine routine of whipping off his t shirt .Andthe vocalist took goal at Russia's 2014 additionof Crimea from Ukraine.

Therewas no reference of penises, nevertheless– unlike in his current tune considering President DonaldTrump, which is committed to the u.s. president's personal components. Newman stated that tune had not stimulated the cd since the “language was also off-color