LookslikeR. Kellywas pissed.

TheR& & B vocalist in charge of standards like the I Believe I Can Fly,Ignition( Remix )and also the rap operaTrappedin the Closetrecently observed himself involved in a dispute over whether hed be executing at President- choose DonaldTrumps commencement.

Rumorsbegan swirling on Tuesday night, when a comic tweeted that Kelly would certainly be executing.

Nippingthat in the bud, Kelly replied to the reports with the adhering to tweet on Thursday night:P TAGEND

Ifits vague regarding why every one of this is, well, interesting , allows simplify.

Earliertoday, BuzzFeed released anunproven knowledge record showing Russia has actually endangering notified on Trump When rested in, Proportion of that details consisted of complaints that Trump paid woman of the streets to pee on a resort bed that the Obamas. This reported info after that released a social networks cyclone including jokes regarding gold rainfallsand also calling Trump PEEOTUS.Thepresident-elect, for his component, appeared to react to the accusations by calling it FAKE NEWSon Twitter.

Howdoes this association to R. Kelly?

Kellyhas actually dealt withmajor sexual offense complaints in the past,some especially including peeing.( Kelly has actually kept his virtue throughout and also was never ever accuseded of legal rape, yet has actually figured out civil legal actions that described therefore in the past.)

Backin 2002, a video clip dripped that supposedly portrayed Kelly having sexuality with a minor woman and also consequently peing on her. The complaints came to be a lot more commonly understood aftera slapstick illustration by Dave Chappelle called Piss on You.

So, for those dipping into residence:P TAGEND

Trumps claimed task+ His require for a launch entertainer =-LRB- ********************) Rumors of R. Kelly making a look

Kellydidnt aid mitigate the reports with his tweet, either. Due to the fact that the history is yellow( of all the colours!), Notably and also words published in red kind this head-scratcher of an expression: reports online not false.

Inany type of situation, Twitter has actually clung develop regarding the entire point, offering amusing treasures similar to this:P TAGEND

PerhapsKelly will certainly make a shock look at the commencement besides, yet if he doesnt, well still have the music designings of TobyKeith and also 3 Doors Downto anticipate onJan 20.

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