The Collective Madness of The International Banking Cartel

That's the title of the today's video from and the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube.

Four years ago, I would have just laughed at this kind of show, but now, it sounds more and more like the true description of what is going on in the USA and in the world.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, even you have something to learn from this guy!”

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John Kerry look like a certified member of The Addams Family. he sat there looking like someone you would see who had a lobotomy. His wife looked completely insane and demon possessed and mentally ill. The members of the congress that were pushing the war all look like to shovel demonic ringed out bloodless zombies. The military officers look like clowns in there in their little military outfits and Kerry could hardly talk and cap sticking his tongue out over and over again like a lizard and his face was jiggling like rubber and he looked like he was about to pass out and he would look down and actually have to steady himself during testimony he was about to collapse. And I just realized these are literally demon possessed creatures. Meanwhile McCain was playing poker the entire time”

Putin is the leader of the free world. Yeah how how weird is that that Putin saying okay I'll attack Syria with you basically if you could show me proof they did the chemicals. And he suspended the high-powered surface to surface anti-ship mega missiles that the ships have a lot of trouble shooting them down, he suspended those being shipped to Syria and said okay just show me proof at all get behind a strike, knowing full well they don't have it. To the point I love we have to say Vladimir Putin compared to the crazy bankers and globalist and narcissus we have running things, is now the leader of the free world. Look at how absolutely flip-flopped everything now is.

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