Moscow( AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin, understood for his interest for the outdoors, flaunted his softer side throughout a see to China when he took a seat to play the piano Sunday.

Putinremains in Beijing on a country check out to go over a$ 1 trillion facilities strategy that aims to restore the old Silk Road.

Aftertalking up in the early morning, Putin went to satisfy Chinese President Xi Jinping at his house.

Putinis repeatedly late for seminars, however this time around he was the one that was made to wait, Russian info companies stated.

So, Putin played some tunes on Xi& apos; ‘s piano. Russian country tv exposed passages of at the least 2 sungs he played — “”MoscowWindows”” as well as “”Cityon the Free Neva”” — both Soviet standards.

Putinhas actually presented his songs abilities prior to. In 2010, he took the phase at a charity performance with a big band to sing as well as play “”BlueberryHills.””

Butrecently, Putin — inhabited with the addition of Crimea, the dilemma in eastern Ukraine as well as Russia& apos; ‘s function in Syria — favored to show his vital side in Kremlin- scattered images of him searching as well as angling.