Gamble on early election appears to have backfired, with exit poll prediction of hung parliament seen as catastrophic for PM

RTAG 3 TTTory MPs were shocked and furious after the party lost much of its 20 -point lead in the polls during the course of the campaign.
RTAG 4 TTThey pinned the blamed not only on the badly received Conservative manifesto, but on the performance of May personally, after she made it a presidential-style tournament by putting her strong and stable leadership RTAG 6 TTAt her count in Maidenhead, May suggested the Conservatives RTAG 7 TTThe former chancellor George Osborne, who was sacked by May last year, was one of the first senior party figures to react to the result, saying if the exit poll were correct it would be catastrophic for the Tories and the “ministers ” personally.
RTAG 9 TTIts difficult to see, if these numbers are right, how they would put together the coalition to remain in office, he said on ITV. But equally, its quite difficult to see how Labour RTAG 16 TTIn an ominous sign for May, Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, would not guarantee that the “ministers ” would not “re going to have to” resign. Its very early in the evening and well have to wait and see, he told. RTAG 27 TTSensing her weakness, Labour and the Liberal Democrat are expected to go after the “ministers ” hard. A Labour source say: If this exit poll is correct, Theresa Mays credibility is wholly shooting. As May said herself, if she lost simply six seats in this election she would not be prime minister.