Paris, France( CNN) You could call him the ringleader of the bloody assaults in Paris. Or call him a proud member of ISIS, who went to Syria and returned to Europe determined to sow fear.

Whatever label you ascribe to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, put it in the past tense. Because he won't inflict terror any longer.

The Paris prosecutor's office announced Thursday that the bullet-ridden body detected after a raid Wednesday on an apartment building in a northern Paris suburb, was Abaaoud, the Belgian national who orchestrated shootings and bombings that took 129 lives and wounded hundreds more last week.

Authorities had zeroed in on that locating in Saint-Denis after picking up phone conversations indicating Abaaoud's relative might be there, a Belgian counterterrorism official told. But while residents of that Paris suburb told CNN they'd insured Abaaoud himself out lately and at a local mosque, authorities didn't know for sure where he was.

It turns out Abaaoud was in that building in Saint-Denis.


Explosions heard at scene of Paris suburb raid