Propaganda Media is Source of Trump/RussianFalse Flag By the Anonymous Patriots The Millennium Report Exclusive If you have been trying to sort out the avalancheof propaganda media (MSM) disinformation and spin concerning Trump and his alleged tiesto Russia, then you are probably confused and overwhelmed by the roar coming from theecho-chamber of lies and cyber-news terrorism surrounding these CIA false flag attacks.

The FBI has released the reports (see linkbelow) of their investigations into any Trump connection to Russia.

Both Donald Trump andhis father were completely cleared of any connections to Russia.

You can search the FBI site and find thatboth Donald J.

Trump and his father have been vetted and cleared of any Russian connections.

See: https://www.


Gov/ Even CBS released a report stating that therewere no Trump/Russian connections: Report: FBI says no direct ties between Russia, DonaldTrump�s campaign If you take the time to investigate the realsources of the disinformation around any Trump/Russia connections, you will come up empty-handed.

So far, all we have witnessed is the confusion from the propaganda media hall of mirrorsthat reflects lie upon lie and presents no evidence at all.

Innuendoes and rumors aremade into headlines, and endless news editorializing fuels the false flag narrative like so manyothers we have witnessed recently, from Sandy Hook, San Bernardino to Orlando.

With each false article or news cast released,the propaganda media is working its same old playbook�terrorize and brainwash Americancitizens into believing the latest narrative of the CIA.

This time the false flag is notcarried out in a night club, office building, or dilapidated school building.

It is beingcarried out through the broadcasts of the CIA-controlled propaganda news outlets.

Let�s review: So far, not a single charge,accusation, or claim has been proven true.

Trump did not rape women � Bill Clintondid; Trump is not in bed with Putin � Hillaryis; (See uranium deal expos�s) Trump did not receive money from Russia orforeign enemies � Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did; Trump is not a corrupt businessman � theClinton Foundation is corrupt; Trump�s server was not linked to Russia � Hillary Clinton�spersonal server was open to all foreign enemies.

The amount of doublespeak is profound in thepropaganda media�s age of �post-truth� and �false-politics.

� Carl Rove�s useof political spin may have worked on a brainwashed citizenry in the past, but now the alternativemedia and the writers and news aggregators for the American Intelligence Media are awareof perception management propaganda and the old false flag tricks of the CIA.

False flagsare now quickly exposed by citizen journalists and investigators so that even the CIA andpropaganda media�s subliminal brain-washing and entrainment doesn�t affect those whosee past the government narrative into the real truth.

Once again, we ask you to clear your visionand open your mind to see that you are being played by another one of their false flagoperations.

There Was No Hacking of the DNC Server There was no Russian hacking of the DNC server.

CrowdStrike, directed by Dmitri Alperovitch, a noted Russia cyber hacker arrested by theFBI, stated on CNN and CBS that he did not find any evidence of hacking, though he didfind the footprints of Russian malware, one of the most common tools for hacking.

Dmitristated boldly that it was his own idea that Putin had something to do with the allegedhacking.

Dmitri did not point out that Guccifer 2.

0 had already hacked the server and wastrying to sell the information to the highest bidder.

Later, Guccifer released the hackedinformation for free in retaliation of Alperovitch�s claim that there had not been any hacking.

See the CNN interview with Dmitri Alperovitch,in his own words, here: http://www.



Cnn The Anonymous Patriots reported in Januarythat Dimitri and Michael Alperovitch were critical players in the alleged hacking ofthe DNC server, but not for a direct involvement.

Dimitri�s father, Michael, a former Russianuclear scientist (supposedly) created and controls most of the encryption codes usedby the U.


military and many corporate intelligence agencies.

He uses Russian encryption codesthat he took from Russia when he defected and came to America, whereupon he was placedin one high level position after the other by the CIA.

See our article written severalmonths ago Russian Hackers Found.

Wikileaks stated that the information theyreleased from the DNC server came from someone working inside of the DNC.

Assange stronglyimplied that Seth Rich, a DNC staff member who was murdered, was the staffer who leakedthe data.

To read about the death of Seth Rich, theDNC worker that Wikileaks said was the source of the leaks, see: http://www.


Com/seth-rich-murder-dnc-hack-julian-assange-hillary-clinton-donald-trump-492084 Trump Did Not Have Contact with Russian Banks Another blatant CIA false flag is the narrativethat the Trump server was in contact with two Russian banks.

The server was registeredby a Trump vendor named Cendyn that did email campaigns for Trump�s hotels.

Trump hadno control over the server and it had not been in use since 2009.

This server had nosecurity or encryption in use, but we are being informed by Franklin Foer, the originalfake news journalist from the extreme left-wing publication Slate who broke the story, thatanalysis of the server�s log use indicates that Trump was in contact with Alfa Bank inRussia and one of their subsidiaries as well as a drug rehab center in Michigan named SpectrumHealth.

Reader note: pay attention to people who aremaking videos on the internet referencing the chart below; they haven�t asked themost important question�Where did this chart come from? If they did, they would find thatit was planted within the original false flag article by Slate: Alfa bank is owned by the notorious CIA createdkingpin of Russian banking, Mikhail Fridman, an Israeli operative who is the second richestman in Russia.

Spectrum Health, the Michigan drug rehabilitation corporation, is ownedby a well-known Turkish Muslim who works with the CIA to bring drugs out of Pakistan throughTurkey and into America.

Some sources suggest that Spectrum Health is a CIA front for drugsmuggling and money-laundering.

The Trump server CIA false flag was the lynchpinneeded for rollout of the October Surprise.

The server, with its CIA-planted Russian evidence,would tie together the false flags of the DNC hacking, Russian sex allegations againstTrump, John McCain�s false flag dossier of Russian black-mail evidence, and the wiretapsof Trump and his staff since before the election and after.

Yet, the FBI stated in a New York Times articleof October 31, 2016, that the Trump server did not present any credible evidence of tiesbetween Trump and Russia.

The article states: �For much of the summer, the FBI pursueda widening investigation into a Russian role in the American Presidential campaign.

Agentsscrutinized advisers close to Donald J.

Trump, looked for financial connections with Russianfinancial figures, searched for those involved in hacking the computers of Democrats, andeven chased a lead � which they ultimately came to doubt � about a possible secretchannel of email communications from the Trump Organization to a Russian bank.

Law enforcementofficials say that none of the investigations so far have found any conclusive or directlink between Mr.

Trump and the Russian government.

� James Comey has found no evidence againstTrump or any wrong doings in all that he has investigated and he has made public statementsto that effect.

The alleged FISA requests for wiretapping Trump were turned down bythe court, per inside anonymous sources quoting Comey.

If this is true, Comey would not havebeen involved in the wiretapping, just as he claims.

James Clapper also stated in a recent interview,just like Comey, that there were no wiretaps of Trump.

Clapper, who previously falselytestified to Congress in 2013 that there was absolutely no NSA surveillance of Americans,recently claimed the National Intelligence Agency did not wiretap Trump.

In the languageof doublespeak, Clapper�s denial should be translated as: �Of course we wiretappedTrump and everyone around him throughout the entire election and right up to the momentof the Inauguration and afterwards.

� John Brennan, a radicalized American Muslimwho threatened Trump during the election, used his office as the Director of the CIAto conduct cyber-attacks against Trump and �planted� the supposed Trump/Russia evidenceon a server used by a vendor of Trump�s hotel business.

This �evidence� was plannedto be used to falsely tie together the Russian hacking of the DNC, the alleged election hacking,the fake McCain false flag dossier, General Flynn�s alleged Russia conversations, andthe false flag allegations against Jeff Sessions being connected to Russians.

Comey Investigates Trump but Not Hillary The holes in this false flag operation beginto show when the FBI flagrantly turns its back to possible criminal activities of Clintonand gang.

Why aren�t the Department of Justice, the media, and Congress asking the questionsthat We the People see as obvious obfuscations in bringing law and order back to our government? Where is the FBI investigation into HillaryClinton selling U.


uranium to Russia through Canadian companies? Where is the FBI investigation into McCain�sdemand from the Russian ambassador to donate to the McCain presidential election? Where is the FBI investigation into the subsequentdeath of the Russian ambassador just days after WikiLeaks released letters from McCainwhere he wrote to the Kremlin for monetary support of his campaign? Why didn�t the FBI open an investigationof the DNC claims of being hacked? Why did all 17 US Intelligence Agencies agreewith CrowdStrike�s (Dmitri Alperovitch�s) opinion that Putin was personally involvedin the hacking, when by Alperovitch�s own admission, there was no evidence of hacking,just Russian malware footprints? Let�s not forget that both James Clapper and HillaryClinton claimed that Russian hacking had occurred, even after receiving a report from Alperovitchthat indicated otherwise.

Why is Comey distancing himself from the Departmentof Justice on the issue of wiretapping Trump? Why is there no investigation into who leakedTrump telephone calls from the Oval Office to world leaders to the propaganda media? Why are Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan not beinginvestigated for stealing classified information from congressional intelligence committeesand rerouting that information to a proxy server? The Trump Server False Flag The New York Times, Buzzfeed, CNN, and theWashington Post, all of which are filled with CIA indoctrinated �newscasters,� tooktheir false flag news from a left-wing Trump hater, Franklin Foer, who is obviously workingdirectly with the entity or person who planted the false data on the Trump vendor�s server.

The server was not in Trump�s control.

Franklin Foer�s article, as slanted as it is, admitsthat it is sheer speculation and that the server was not under Trump�s control.

Therefore,the entire �Trump Server� narrative began with fake news and is fueled continuouslyby other fake news channels to propagandize and confuse Americans.

Franklin Foer of Slate published this CIAfalse flag on October 31, 2016.

It was planted as a news source that would drive the Democratic�October Surprise� narrative that would terminate Trump�s bid for the White House.

If you read the article below, instead of the regurgitated garbage of the other propagandanews agencies, you will see that the writer is not convincing in his premise or conclusions.

Was a Trump Server Communicating with Russia?by Franklin Foer, www.


Com, October 31, 2016, 5:36 pm Foer�s follow-up article was published inSlate in Nov 2, 2016, under the title Trump�s Server, Revisited.

In the last article, Foer�s final analysiscomes down to the official FBI statement: �As the New York Times reported on Tuesday,after my story published, the FBI looked into the server activity but �ultimately concludedthat there could be an innocuous explanation, like a marketing email or spam, for the computercontacts.

� It is quite evident from reading the articlesthat Foer is, at best, slanted or bias in his reporting.

Even after he tries desperatelyto convince the reader that his accusations are correct, he summarizes that the evidencewas created for his article, but doesn�t tell how the IT expert happened unto thissite to begin with.

If we look at Franklin Foer�s other articles about Trump we cansee that he detests Trump and his articles are the epitome of fake news propaganda.

Here are some other articles by Foer foundon Slate that demonstrate his extreme prejudice.

And this, dear readers, is the media sourcefrom which the Russian hacking narrative begins.

Donald Trump Hates Women, March 24 ,2016 It�s the one position he�s never changed.

Putin�s Puppet, July 4, 2016 If the Russian president could design a candidateto undermine American interests�and advance his own�he�d look a lot like Donald Trump.

The Real Winner of the RNC: Vladimir Putin,July 21, 2016 The Trump campaign continues its terrifyingeffort to cozy up to the Kremlin.

The DNC Hack Is Watergate, but Worse, July26, 2016 The email dump isn�t a high-minded act oftransparency.

It�s a foreign power attempting to swing an election for its favored candidate.

It is evident by his articles that FranklinFoer is a biased journalist who does not favor Trump and deals in slander, conspiracy theories,and out-right CIA-style disinformation, lies, and propaganda.

It shouldn�t surprise us then that The NewYork Times has repeatedly used Foer�s information from the article and has not shared the source.

The New York Times simply lies and says they have anonymous sources.

The same was truefor Buzzfeed, CNN and The Washington Post.

They are all showing us who they are (propagandaoutlets) and who they work for and protect (rogue U.


intelligence agencies).

Trump Called It Right: MSM is Fake News Trump has called out the main stream mediafor being the fake news that they are.

But they are more than fake, they are dangerous.

Yellow Journalism has played a major role in CIA false flags throughout U.


war history.

As we re-examine the history with discernment, we see that most conflicts start with a falseflag that benefits the CIA and the military industrial complex.

Once this anti-Americanfaction realized that their globalist gal Hillary was not polling well and could losethe election, plans had to be made to overthrow the election results.

The bogey man that wewere all supposed to fear was Putin the Russian.

But who would Putin most likely support? Justlook at who benefits Russia the most.

Putin most likely aligns with Clinton forthe uranium she sold Russia, the CIA/Soros Orange Revolution insurrection she supportedin Ukraine, and the many promises Hillary made Putin concerning her �no-fly zone�in Syria which would have led to a nuclear bomb being dropped in Syria.

See the U.


Intelligence Communities reportentitled: Global Trends Paradox of Progress 2017 within our article entitled OverthrowingAmerica in Twelve Steps if you find it incredulous that plans had been made to drop a nuclearbomb once Clinton was in office.

Putin and Hillary are better bedfellows thanTrump and Putin.

Let�s all be vigilant when it concerns the relationship of Putin andTrump, Russia with the U.


We can hope for peace and cooperation between these two nations,but we cannot rely on the reports of propaganda news to help us discern truth.

Propaganda news has distracted us from thehorrible, glaring truth of Clinton�s alignment with our enemies.

Don�t forget that Billand Hill welcomed China into the World Trade Organization with China receiving Most FavoredNation Trading status during Clinton�s administration which effectively sold-out America manufacturingto China.

Hillary joined the board of the Walton Family (Walmart) who were the beneficiariesof Clinton�s sell out to China.

Disinformation is part of the �post-truth�era and we must learn to find the truth inside and around the lies.

As we have reminded yousince the San Bernardino false flag incident, citizens must learn to recognize when theirgovernments are propagandizing and terrorizing them with false narratives and B-grade movieproductions.

We must always research the underlying foundations of reports from propaganda news.

Their reporters, editors, and publishers are in place to shield their owners from the crimesand harm they are committing against humanity.

If you are new to our articles, make sureto read False Flags are Legal Propaganda so that you can be an informed, engaged citizen.

War Between the Intelligence Agencies Exposed Trump�s move to link the Russian hackingaccusations with the issue of Obama wiretapping his private lines is brilliant and will eventually�bring down� the CIA false flag operations that have been used against his campaign andpresidency.

The Obama administration�s attempts to use these false flags looks like it willback-fire upon Obama, John Brennon, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and James Clapper.

Therevelations of an investigation of the House Committee on Intelligence will reveal theother CIA operatives who have been involved in these leaks.

Trey Gowdy being appointedto the very committee, where the Pakistani Awan brothers stole House Democrats� intelligencereports and rerouted them to a proxy server, is the best news yet for the possibility ofthe U.


intelligence communities� internal wars coming to light.

The NSA, CIA and FBI are in a major war witheach other and that is why the Snowden NSA leaks were released by the CIA.

The new WikiLeaksabout the CIA are the NSA�s retaliation for the Snowden leaks.

The leaks show thatthe NSA and CIA are both equally involved in illegal surveillance on Americans.

Anotherwar exists between international corporate intelligence agencies (those factions thathave taken over the U.


intelligence community) and U.


national intelligence agencies.

Globalist are fighting the nationalist�again�and agents on both side are leaking information in this �intelligence war� that has nowbeen focused on Donald Trump because he is decidedly against the international corporatetake-over of America.

The propaganda media, Facebook, Google, and the internet are allweaponized tools of cyber- warfare that are driving the Obama�s shadow government regimechange of a duly elected president.

This is, of course, sedition, insurrection, and conspiracyto overthrow the government.

This should be no surprise to us as we haveseen this standard operating procedure for Soros/CIA supported �color revolutions�throughout the world.

Hillary is leading the Purple Revolution in America while Obama isleading his own Shadow Revolution.

The rest of the Never Trumpsters are fighting for theirlives or jumping ship like rats during a fire.

The Insurrection Factions Will Lose the SecondAmerican Revolution The Obama led insurrection and regime changeis no different from what Bush Sr.

did to the former USSR or later when he fleeced Russiaand stripped its assets.

The Bush shadow government carried out the assassination of JFK, theBCCI Scandal, the October Surprise, the Iran-Contra Scandal, and the attacks of 911, among manyother criminal activities and false flags.

The Anonymous Patriots can make this boldstatement because we have done the deep research on the deep truth about 911.

See Treason:Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 911? The CIA White House has not lost a battlein decades and it did not anticipate losing an election and inauguration with Trump.

Therefore,they never presented any real evidence against Trump.

They used the old Karl Rove tacticof spinning lies and later covering them up once you are safely in office.

None of themimagined that they would get caught, and even if they did, James Comey, Brennan, and Clapperwere there to keep the truth hidden.

But this time these criminals may finally come to justicedue to their bold and unrelenting criminal plans to overthrow the United States of Americaand its duly elected president.

Trump is a nationalist who boldly spoke, likeJohn F.

Kennedy, about the very powers that seek to undermine democracy.

We can have faiththat the Trump Team is aware of who they are battling against and what the stakes are � Americanliberties and constitutional rights versus an America yoked by international interests.

We aren�t prophesizing a Second AmericanRevolution.

It is raging all around us.

There are anti-American forces deeply embedded inthe federal bureaucracies that are filled with treasonous loyalists to Obama and Clinton,the puppets of George Soros and Vladimir Putin.

Patriots, we call upon you.

The time is athand to decide: America first, or America last? We continue to ask Patriots everywhere tojoin us in a new kind of intelligence platform�one that is a citizen to citizen network of intelligencedissemination.

Please take a moment and see who we are at www.



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