Yesterday Facebook demoed a stylized filterfeature that it says will be coming to soon to the real-time processing optionsit offers for its Live Video broadcast feature.

Not to be outdone, Prisma the app that popularized the art filter furor when it launched this summer, racking up more than7 0 million downloads by October conducted its own demo yesterday.

Co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov broadcast a demo of Prismas style transfer technology working in real-time via Facebooks Live platform, and used it as an opportunity to hold a Q& A conference for viewers( full video embedded below ).

I want to give a hello to Mark, and his videos, told Moiseenkov during the Prisma-filtered Facebook Live broadcast, which lasted around half an hour. This is of course live from a device, and only the Internet thanks Mark for the Live API to sharing this video.

I hope someone is watching me, he added, before getting into his step and answering questions in English and Russian.

He alsochanged the filter multiple times, panning around his home in Moscow. I do not have a dog but I have a refrigerator, he joked a including references to Zuckerberg posting a demo of Facebooks style transfer applied to a video of his pet dog.