Xinhua information about the Philippines aremore positive response with Russia in particular is a new security agreement when PresidentRodrigo Duterte begins visit to Russia in the near future.

Philippine government's statement said, Mr.

Duterte yesterday February 16 met with top security adviser of Russian President VladimirPutin, Nikolai Patrushev in the Philippines Davao City to discuss details of the agreementsecurity.

The discussions focused on bilateral relationsbetween the two governments to cooperate in areas such as intelligence, security, defenseand military, terrorism, strengthen the law, deal with transnational crime as well as maritimesecurity.

Besides defense cooperation agreement, PhilippineDefense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana also said the two countries are negotiating an agreementof military-technical cooperation, which Moscow proposed advanced training for elite forcesare assigned to protect President Duterte.

The Russian side is asking the Philippinesto participate in a data sharing system, particularly in relation to activities dealing with terrorism.

Nikolai Patrushev said the Philippines hasproposed the access database and intelligence forces helped train elite bodyguard for RodrigoDuterte President.

The step efforts to strengthen diplomaticties and exchange between the Philippine recent Russia- took place in the context of PhilippinePresident is making a radical change in foreign policy.

Visit to Moscow in May to anticipate thisagreement will open up a new security and military combined Russian deeper into theSoutheast Asian nation.

In particular, the Russo-Philippine relationsare constantly being pushed to after the visit of President Duterte to anti-submarine destroyerAdmiral Tributs when ships visit the country, bringing the military performed beautifullyfor both Philippine officials and residents enjoy.

Today 9/2, Director Asia Department III LudmilaVorobyova Russian Foreign Ministry has said the Philippines expressed concern buy Russianweapons.

"Cooperation in the defense sector is a promisingdirection of development of bilateral relations with the Philippines.

As you know, our countryis one of the manufacturer of the largest military products, so there is no surprisethat the partners are interested in purchasing it Philippines "- she said.

Philippine President Duterte has graduallyasserted an independent foreign policy that he announced recently restructured its foreignpolicy toward only the US and China, Russia.

Observers said that Patrushev's visit demonstratedRussia's intention to take advantage of the radical change in his foreign policy Duterte,during his visit to Moscow in May.

International Philippines add to confrontationUS- China The Philippines is said to be towards Russiawithin the context of the US-China consensus, friendly but also risky stress signals throughthe US President's Donald Trump.

Thursday February 9, Philippine Defense SecretaryDelfin Lorenzana said about relations with US allies that the US relationship – not toostressful Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte though not at once criticizing Washington.

At the same time, he also expressed concernabout the upcoming US-China confrontation steps rising tensions over the South ChinaSea, Philippines Near.

"We are extremely concerned by the outbreakof war if we are close to the conflict zone and will be penalized like it or not," hesaid Lorenzana ability Philippines will abandon the Cooperation Agreement to strengthen nationalroom (EDCA) with the United States to avoid a repeat of the Second World war.

Recently, US and Chinese diplomats also goodsignal when held bilateral talks about unintended diplomatic situation between the two countriesand issues of mutual concern.

Rex Tillerson Clinton met Chinese ForeignMinister Wang Yi on the sidelines of the G20 summit and discussed several issues includingthe South China Sea.

Philippines was calculated so that the mostprofitable foreign policy with the countries to take advantage of the South China Sea,but meanwhile, the Philippines can be guaranteed protection and security under the umbrellaof the US ally, economic benefit from investments from China and the growing influence of Russiaand most likely towards the extensive security arrangements.

Although the effectiveness of foreign policyindependent of the President of the Philippines has to, his visit to Russia Duterte will alsomark a turning point in the Philippines while adding an international element to the tensionsin the South China Sea.

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