Clearly Syria came to dominate the G8 meeting in Lough Erine in Northern Ireland. But the division between Russia and the other seven members did not become that clearly visible in the joint statement which was the public result of the meeting.

In the two videos below, the positions of the USA and Russia respectively, show the challenges at least president Obama is facing. In the first video, from ABC World News, President Obama is defending not being, what many Americans seems to think, hawkish enough in the support of the Syrian rebels.

The second video below, from Russia's English-spoken TV-channel Russia Today, contains an interesting analysis, made by the Guardians' columnist Jonathan Steele, of the joint statement and the disorganized rebel-front.

I am sure that many wonders what the fighting in Syria is really about? That it is a struggle for influence and power in the middle east is clear, but are there only principles in play or are there any other geo-political reasons for USA's aggressiveness?

Clearly, it can be that simple that in order to win political (and economic) sympathy in USA, any president there must be against anything Russian? Giving asylum and paying for Chechen “freedom-fighters” just to see them blowing up Americans in Boston. Giving support to fundamentalists who attack USA wherever they can. Trying to push Georgia into a war with Russia over South Ossetia. Is the only logic only to appear strong in front of the old enemy from the cold war in order to win political (and economic) clout?

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