The global situation has notstabilized over the past year.

On the contrary, many existing threats andchallenges have only become more acute requiring extra efforts from security services.

Vladimir Putin stated thistoday at the FSB staff meeting.

It was held in order to discuss the FSB’s resultsfor 2016 and the priority tasks for 2017.

What are the security forces required to do whilst Russia is being drawninto a confrontation? My colleague Dmitry Petrov reportson the issue.

Opening the meeting,President of Russia Vladimir Putin pays special attention to the situationin Donbass.

Within the past 24 hours over 1000acts of violation of the cease-fire on the part of Ukraine were registered.

At the front line the shellingdoesn't stop even for an hour.

According to DPR intelligence reports Ukrainian troops are building up forcesand preparing for a breakthrough Putin regards another escalation as an attemptto draw Russia into a full-scale conflict.

This escalation pursues a clear objective ofpreventing the Minsk Agreements from going ahead.

The current Ukrainian authorities are obviously not seeking a peacefulsolution to this very complex problem and have decided to opt forthe use of force instead.

What is more, they openly speak aboutorganizing sabotage and terrorism also in Russia.

Obviously, this is a matter of great concern.

Alex Stogniy, Evgeny Panov, Gleb Shabliy are only some of Ukrainian spies which were hunted down and neutralizedby FSB agents.

Among them was lieutenant-colonelYuriy Ivanchenko from SBU who was successfullyuncovered last year in spring.

The heads of all national securityagencies are attending the FSB meeting.

The results of the operating activityover the past year are being discussed and the priorities for the upcomingyear are being defined.

Speaking at the meeting,President of Russia Vladimir Putin praised the contribution of the FSBand of each of its employees to the protection of the constitutional order.

But the global situation has not becomeany more stable over the past year.

The Middle East, Asia and Africa see new bloody conflicts breaking out.

NATO activity doesn't promote stability either.

At the NATO summit last July in Warsaw, for the first time since 1989, Russia was declared the main threat to the alliance and NATO officially proclaimedcontaining Russia as its new mission.

They have speeded up the deploymentof strategic and conventional arms beyond the national bordersof the NATO member states.

They are provoking us constantly and aretrying to draw us into confrontation.

We see continued attempts tointerfere in our internal affairs with the aim of destabilizing the socialand political situation in Russia.

At the same time the head of statedraws attention of the security services to the fact that it is in our common interest torestore dialogue with the US intelligence services and with other NATO member countries.

It is not our fault that these tieswere broken and are not developing.

It is very clear that asregards counter-terrorism all responsible countries and internationalgroups should work together, because even simply exchanging information onterrorists’ financing channels and sources as well as on people involved inor suspected of links with terrorism can substantially improve theresults of our common efforts.

Summing up the results ofthe FSB's work in the past year, the President specifically emphasizes that 45 terrorism related crimes were prevented.

Special Purpose Forces conducttargeted operations to liquidate militants.

They also withdraw weaponsand explosives from illegal commerce.

But the President stresses that it'simportant to eliminate their financial base, prevent the activities oftheir emissaries from abroad.

The society expects better resultsfrom the Russian special services in such key areas as economic security and the fight against corruption.

I ask you to be particularlythorough in monitoring the funds allocated forstate defense procurement.

Regrettably, there are still many casesof state funds being embezzled or misappropriated.

The murder of Russia'sAmbassador to Turkey highlighted the need to protect Russian diplomatsand missions.

The President asks the FSB as well asthe Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Intelligence Service to takeadditional measures to ensure their safety.

Dmitry Petrov, Alexandra Terpugova, MikhailDevyatkin, Vladimir Ozerov and Alexander Ivankov for Vesti.

Source: Youtube