What are your impressions of the issues? Q.

They were sharp, as always? The questions were obvious, given the obsession of our Western colleagues that the Ukrainian crisis should be solved only by Russia.

It is also absolutely incomprehensible that their obsession with cybersecurity and cyber espionage.

No facts had been submitted against Russia.

If there is evidence pointing in the other direction, the direction of where the source of this kind of illegal activity.

We explain our position, as far as we can.

I can say that many Western partners in private conversations expressed understanding of our estimates and our approaches.

It is said about the counterproductive and abnormal situation, the need to maintain channels of communication.

Which will allow consider such problems objectively, professionally and politically unbiased.

Let's see how our dialogue with the EU and NATO will continue.

Our position is assured, it is not just protection, but relying on honest calculations, which we share with our colleagues.

If they want to overcome the artificially created a confrontational stage, it is in their power.

Source: Youtube