The clash between Eastern and Western world-views is an undeniable fact.

The accelerated push by the neocons on behalf of the ruling Anglo-Zionist banking elite towards a New World Order, is of course the main cause of the clash.

But it does not explain the fact that millions of people are taking the side of the “evil and degenerated” west towards the “good and orthodox” east.

The collective efforts of the corporate controlled mass-media help to keep the brains of the passive western population thoroughly washed with “Russian aggression”.

This bulk of people in North-America and Europe, are, however, not to blame for the west-east conflict. Their passiveness doesn't cause the clash (but neither does it do anything to stop it).

It is the actions of a smaller (but much more influential) group of people with high intelligence and education that enables the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to pursue their plan for the New World Order.

The ruling class of the banking elite make trillions (with much more to come) from wars, market manipulations and cheap labour.

The next level of bankers (like George Soros and the Goldman Sachs leaders) make billions.

The third level, the “Deep State” people and their supporters (like the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, McCains, Brennans, Bildts and most of the EU-leaders plus many more) get millions and are also the enablers of the clash. Without them, the, relatively few, in the two upper echelons, would be toothless.

Even if most of this third level (the “foot-soldiers”) respond to the combination of power and money (and maybe some cases of extortion), they still need something else to motivate them. At least to their electorates.

This “something else” might be the mindset as expressed by Mark Sleboda in this episode of RT's “CrossTalk”.

It is a brilliant description of the thinking among the people in the US State Department. Listen for yourself starting at 12 minutes 51 seconds into the video below.