After waffling for some time, and carrying interest in being Clinton's vice president, the billionaire businessman joined her at a rally on Saturday night. “>

Its 2016 and the Democratic nominee is utilizing a billionaire reality television superstar to hammer the Republican nominee, a self-proclaimed billionaire former reality television star.

Mark Cuban, wearing a clinging Batman T-shirt said hello to the crowd at a rally in Pittsburgh Saturday nighthis hometownin Russian, mocking the alleged ties between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. From there, reading from prepared statements, the Shark Tank superstar made an adamant example against Trump, who in recent days Cuban has deemed to be crazy and not as successful as him.

Leadership is not yelling and screaming and intimidating, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks said. People like that in Pittsburgh are called a jagoffIs there any bigger jagoff in the world than Donald Trump?

Cuban calls himself an independent and despite proving recent tilts toward Clinton, had threatened to back Trump if the Democratic nominee had chosen Sen. Elizabeth Warren as her working mate. She did not and on Thursday, prior to Clintons speech, Cuban reportedly called campaign chairperson John Podesta to say that he was officially on board.

I simply thought it was the right thing to do, Cuban said in an email to The Daily Beast. That she would make a strong president.

He initially had high hopes for the candidacy of Trumpa fellow businessman who Cuban believed could revolutionize the office and could offer a fresh-faced approach.

Donald, initially, I really hoped he would be something different, that as a businessperson, I believed there was an opportunity there, he told CNN at the rally on Saturday. But then, he went off the reservation and ran batshit crazy.

He didnt specify what this was in reference to but in simply the last few days, Trump lied about the NFL contacting him to change the general election debate schedule, he blamed a flame marshal who helped him get out of a stalled elevator and ran after Ghazala Khan, the mother of a 27 -year-old Muslim war hero who was too emotional to speak during her husbands speech at the DNC this week.

Cubans attacks echoed those of another independent who recently came to bat for Clinton: Michael Bloomberg. The former New York City mayor questioned Trumps wealth in his endorsement speech at the RNC, something which elicited a cloudburst of angry tweets( Trumps preferred method of communication ).

What you dont do, Cuban said after sharing his entrepreneurial success story. You dont ask daddy for a small loan of a million dollars.

In May, Cuban potentially tip-off his hand that the Clinton campaign was interested in at the least having him on board as a bulldog surrogate. He told The Daily Beast that the two parties had been in communication to set up a meeting.

There is so much partisan and tribal politics, from not only those attempting office but potential voters as well, that we never get real endeavors at solutions to problems, Cuban explained then.

I guess I can push at least a tiny bit more discussion around the issues, he continued. More depth, less tenet. I& apos; m not indicating I& apos; m going to have some earth-shattering impact, but there is no one acting as a stalking horse for solutions. Maybe I can create some discussion that helps the process.

Now that hes get a savour of the limelight that accompanies a political campaign, it would not be surprising to see Cuban back out on the trail at some later stage. But Cuban told The Daily Beast nothing was set at the moment.

I guess she will be a strong chairwoman and that Trump would be a disaster as a chairwoman, he said.

In Pittsburgh, Cuban seemed to have cribbed from the central the notions of the speeches throughout the Democratic National Convention this week; underscoring optimism over negativity and characterizing the country as a place that was already great.

In Hillary Clintons America, the American dream is alive and well, Cuban concluded. And theres no place that knows that better than Pittsburgh because we are an American dream city.

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