Let's talk about other themes: the tries to isolate Russia have several times sparked off some harsh consequences for all Europe: this has been said by the leader of the Ministery of the Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, during the Russian-German forum "the meetings of Posdam".

The minister considers, that it's necessary to unify the efforts and the potential of all the countries for guaranteeing Europe a worthy place in the actual system of the world-order.

"The history has another time shown in a visible way, that the tries to isolate Russia have consistently led to harsh consequences for the entire continent, at the same time, when an active involvement of our country in its affairs, has been continuously accompanied by long periods of stableness.

For building a big Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and it's, in general, another way for exposing the theme that you've chosen, it's necessary to fulfill a series of conditions: first of all with facts and not with words to start off creating an structure of equal and indivisible safety, that's been already fixed in the quoted by me decisions of OBCE and the Council of Russia & Nato.

It's necessary to agree upon a mandatory fulfilling the International right, including the principle of the National sovereignty and non-interfering in the internal affairs, to refuse the help in revolutionizing the governments in other countries in a not constitutional way.