The struggle with the terrorism was talked over also today in Moscow at the Sergey Lavrov's breefing, who's said, that Moscow regrets about the refuse of Europe to collaborate in this direction.

In details Daria Koslova will talk about this and other Minister of the Foreign Affairs' statements Daria, good morning, how does Lavrov see the common dialogue with Europe? Yes good morning Ekaterina, the relations with Europe must be opened and mutual-advantageous and none other, than the commercial-circles like businessmen, workin in the International arena must understand the counter-productivity of the sanctions.

This has been by Sergey Lavrov and the meeting with the European business, a meeting, that's become already traditional.

These meetings have been carried out twice in one year, in Autumn, in Moscow, and unfortunately, Sergey Lavrov was obliged to confess, that since the latest event, back in '14 the situation hasn't improved, in the world-map there're lots of hot-points like Syria, Lybia, Iraq,Yemen.

Europe has faced with the refugees' fluss with the outburst of the terrorism, and it's become known, that in this situation they won't succeed in insulating themselves from the problems with a wall, it's necessary to act together.

Sergey Lavrov has expressed the concern, that Europe has refused to collaborate with Russia in the sphere of the struggle against the International terrorism.

Also a determinate theme of the discussion has become the collaboration in the sphere of energy.

Russia has always been a hoping provider of hydrocarbons to the European market, but unfortunately, in the latest years, the European countries either have been blocking or have been slowing down the realization of the mutual-advantageous projects, like the "Northern Steam 2" or "South Steam" and Sergey Lavrov has announced, that we're intended to prolong the line of the Turkish Steam to the direction of the UE after the receiving of audible-written warranties.

C'mon, let's hear the Minister of the Foreign Affair's discourse.

"Russia and Turkey have signed the inter-governmental agreement about the "Turkish Steam", foretelling also the building of one gas-pipe line, till now only one gas-pipe line, to the direction of Europe, in particular to Greece.

And after the failure with the "South Steam", we'll be ready to prolong this line to the territory of UE at least after the receiving of unambiguous and official guarantees on paper of the realization of this project.

" Sergey Lavrov has also announced, I quote, they won't succeed in tearing the Russian economy to shreds.

Our country will stable stand in and our economy will adopt itself to the changing conditions of the market of the hydrocarbons.

Russia has always spoken out and still spokes out for a creating opened and economical spaces, an opened space from Lisbon to Vladivostok, to the establishment of the dialogue between the Euroasiatic economical alley and European one and obviously he threats with alert to the creation of closing national projects, acting in favor to determined, special countries, by meaning first of all the Pacific and Transatlantic Economical Partnership.

C'mon, let's hear Sergey Lavrov.

"Russia adheres to the formation of these economical spaces, that could have an opened character from Lisbon principally to NTO, they could have some risks for destroying the global-economical system by promoting the closed regional projects like the Trans-pacific partnership or Trans-Atlantic Partnership.

" Obviously the members of the meeting were interested in when the sanctions will be removed and by answering to this question, Sergey Lavrov hasn't given any forecasts, to name some dates or terms and he's expressed concern, that right now the Western partners compare the removal of the sanctions with the realization of the Minsk Agreements and it comes out, that further Kiev drags on the fulfillment of these agreements, further will the sanctions-regime act and Petr Poroshenko takes this as prove of the effectivity of his policy.

For what concerns the negotiations about the possible introduction of sanctions regarding Russia due to Syria, the same Lavrov has considered as cynic and improper the same rumors about this.

In general the leader of the Ministery of the Foreign Affairs was obliged to back up, that till now UE isn't ready to build some pragmatic relations with Russia and after, before the re-establishment of the economical integration, it'll be necessary as the leader of the Ministery of the Foreign Affairs has expressed, to carry out a political selection of the flights for the economy not to be victimized by the outburst of the ideal of agitation.

These are the main economical meetings of the Sergey Lavrov's meeting with the representatives of the economical spheres, Ekaterina.

Thanks, Daria Koslova about the perspectives of the common business of Russia and Europe.