This is a terrible tragedy.

We are deeply grateful to all the Russians who brought flowers today, despite the lateness of the hour.

I got a lot of calls, Internet messages.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova also received from the Russians a lot of sympathy and requests to transfer most sincere condolences to the family brutally murdered Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov.

Only that, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Turkish leader called Vladimir Putin to express his deepest condolences.

They agreed that the investigation of this brutal crime will be a joint.

Tomorrow a special team of investigators Russia flies to Turkey, as part of our experts in order to, together with Turkish experts to take part in establishing the truth.

The main thing is to understand who is behind this crime.

As President Putin said in a conversation with President Erdogan and in a televised address, we are convinced that the main purpose of those who conceived this barbaric act is to undermine the process of normalization of relations between Russia and Turkey in many ways in order to prevent an effective fight against terrorism Syria.

This goal is futile.

It will not work.

Tomorrow we will hold long-scheduled meeting between the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Only that I was on the phone with my Turkish colleague Cavusoglu, who has arrived in Moscow.

am convinced that tomorrow in this meeting we will take measures that will make it impossible to implement the plans that hatched customers and organizers of this crime.

I would like once again to convey my deep gratitude to all Russians, all my colleagues abroad who have already managed to pass me his condolences: it is the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogerini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland D.

Burkhalter, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus V.


Makey, representatives of the United Nations.

It is only those I can remember right now, but much more of condolence.

Once again I express my deep gratitude to all Russians.

We feel your solidarity.