Trump’s words about the role of NATO can be further eloquentlyillustrated by the events which are taking place in Eastern Europe, where hundreds of tanks, military vehicles,and almost three and a half thousand NATO soldiers, including the ones from the United States,are being deployed.

And all this is obviouslyhappening not to fight terrorism.

But to uncompromisingly oppose another far-fetched, buta much more comfortable threat, allegedly coming from Russia.

Incidentally, the true value of the wordsabout this threat are well-understood by the locals.

Yevgeny Reshetnyov reports from Vilnius.

There is a protest in front of the Seimasfor Lithuania free of pacts and military alliances.

“Stop NATO”, "Freedom of Speech” -is heard from the megaphones.

That's shouted down by pro-NATO picketers, supported by the ubiquitous Ukrainian nationalists.

First units of soldiersof the international battalion under the Bundeswehr will be transferred to Lithuaniaby the end of the month.

By autumn, there will be1200 fighters, mainly from Germany.

A small town of Rukla is already allocated for permanent deployment of NATO battalions.

In the near future, trains with equipmentand ammunition will arrive here.

By the way, soldiers of the alliance will trainat the sites built during the Soviet era.

NATO troops will be accommodatedin these barracks built in the 1980s.

However, the Lithuanian authorities promise to createcomfortable conditions for the guests, spending six million euros on it.

They need to fool the population so we don't think about our small pensions,or receiving huge bills for heating.

But the Alliance soldiers likespending money here.

From their barracks, they go to relaxand party to the major cities – Vilnius, Kaunas.

The most egregious and the mostscandalous case took place in spring of 2015, in Kaunas, where drunken Yanks ripped the flag fromthe prosecutor's office building, urinated on it, stepped on it.

What was the reaction? There was no reaction.

This information was hidden.

Authorities are agitating people to go intothe woods to practice their guerrilla war skills.

This is the training of the Lithuanian Riflemen's Union,which already has 10 thousand of so-called dormant soldiers.

Even teenagers are accepted into the units.

Equipment is at their own expense.

Tactical rifle is a top sellerin the Vilnius arms shops.

They are uses by our police, ARAS, military.

It's not for the regular people.

– Do civilians come here to buy them?- Of course.

This is very dangerous.

This looks like Ukraine.

They can create battalions.

Like the ones of Kolomoisky.

Of course, there are decent peoplein the Riflemen's Union.

But there are also some peoplewho are openly neo-fascists.

As a result, the police estimate thatfor the 3 million Lithuanian population, including women, children, and the elderly,there are about 100 thousand barrels.

And nobody knows whenand at whom they will be shot.

Evgeniy Reshetnyov, Alexander Aleksandronets,Margarita Kurilova, and Oleg Piletsky.



Source: Youtube