( CNN) ISIS gets on the back foot.

Itis rapid shedding its hold on Mosul, its largest center in Iraq, and also its de-facto funding in Syria– Raqqa– is almost bordered.

Butit's not just region that the militant team is shedding.

Overthe last 6 months, ISIS has actually seen its financial resources lowered, media procedures paralyzedand also a number of high-level leaders eliminated or caught.

TheSyrian Democratic Forces– a partnership of Kurds and also Arab people– are coming close to the residential areas of Raqqa, and also the fight will certainly start within “days,” the Frenchprotection preacher claimed Friday.

Whilethe battle versus ISIS is much from won, the lines of this battle are gradually being redrawn. As various teams is owned from essential cities and also towns in just what was when its self-proclaimed caliphate, ISIS is progressing from region to ideological threat.

Sojust what could ISIS 2.0 resemble?