Russia announced that they have a vaccine effective against Ebola.

From another report in Moscow Times it seems more like they have an effective drug to treat Ebola and not a really a vaccine.

The investigative reporter Jon Rappoport (, who have disclosed the fraud behind the HIV-virus and other frauds committed by the BIG PHARMA in cohort with WHO and national health authorities, believes, however, that the Ebola “outbreak” in West Africa is manufactured just like the HIV, Swine- and Bird-flu “epidemics”.

Jon's theory is that all those “epidemics” are traceable not to one specific virus but rather comes from viruses and bacterias inherent in the human body which are activated by a general depletion of the immune-system.

An article in, describes the Ebola virus as “a perfect biological weapon” and claims that Pentagon already since 30 years has a “vaccine” (even if this too sounds more like a medicine) against the Ebola virus.

Now, President Obama is sending 3000 troops to “fight Ebola in West Africa”.

Russia already has a team of doctors working in the affected area.

The question is, are we seeing a biological proxy-war staged in Guinea where the US-military is performing the double task of whipping up another virus-threat which the global pharmaceutical companies will benefit from and also test their ability to control the virus if used as a biological weapon?

Are the Russian scientists there then to test their counter-measures towards this biological threat from a virus made in the USA? And is Obama sending 3,000 troops there to see to that the Russian “vaccine” will not interfere with the planned spread of the virus?

This could certainly be one of many scenarios.

Here are the links to the different articles referred to in the text above:

ITAR-TASS: World – Russian vaccine against Ebola passes systematic tests deputy PM, September 19. /ITAR-TASS/. A Russian vaccine against Ebola is passing systematic tests, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets told reporters on the sidelines of the Sochi International Investment Forum on Friday.
“Russian doctors are working successfully in the area of Ebola outbreak (West Africa). Positive steps were made to develop a vaccine. Now it is passing systematic tests,” the deputy prime minister said. ITAR-TASS: World – Russian vaccine against Ebola passes systematic tests deputy PM

Russia Making Antiviral Drug to Treat Ebola | News is beginning the production of an antiviral drug it has approved for the treatment of Ebola, a news report said, while a senior World Health Organization official urged stronger international efforts to contain the virus outbreak in West Africa. Via

the covert op of modern medicine Jon Rappoport's Blog suggests that the population in question is otherwise healthybut suddenly people are dropping like flies. True numbers or false numbers, the point is this: because there is zero propaganda about ordinary flu, no dire imagery, no breathless press reportage, nobody cares. When the Washington Post (9/9) now reports that, ahem, only 31% of Ebola cases have been lab-confirmed through blood tests [in Liberia], not an eyebrow is raised. Via

USA created Ebola virus as biological weapon? epidemic of the deadly Ebola virus that was born in the depths of the jungle, has been spreading around the world with an unprecedented speed lately. The number of victims, according to official figures, has already exceeded a thousand people. The number of infected individuals nears almost two thousand. The WHO declared the disease a threat of global significance. Are there ways to combat the fever? It turns out that there is a vaccine against Ebola. Pentagon scientists were developing it for 30 years, and all the rights for the drug belong to the government of the United States. Two infected US medics received injections of the vaccine and they started recovering from the disease immediately. Why has this been made public only now? Why is it the USA that holds all the rights for the use of the vaccine? There can be two most obvious answers found to these questions.As one can see, Ebola is a perfect biological weapon: it spreads quickly and gives nearly 100 percent mortality. Those having the life-saving vaccine can dictate any conditions to others.The second answer is a purely commercial interest. It is enough to arrange panic with the help of the media, as it was the case with several epidemics before, such as avian flu. Afterwards, it will be possible to sell the life-saving medicine at any price.However, Russian scientists doubt that the Americans created the medicine indeed. Russian scientists also conduct the research to study the nature of the virus to be able to create the vaccine against it. Soviet scientists, for example, Professor Alexander Butenko, was a member of the joint Soviet-Guinean expedition in 1982 and spent nearly a year in the rain forests of Guinea, when the then unknown virus was discovered.The current distribution of the infection is a continuation of a dangerous outbreak of the disease from 1982, said Professor Butenko. Russian scientists have the most extensive scientific base for the creation of the vaccine, Butenko says. The materials that Alexander Butenko collected a quarter of a century ago should help today's generation of Russian scientists in the development of the vaccine against the fever.Several Russian researchers are already in Guinea, including the head of the Laboratory for the Ecology of Viruses, Mikhail Shchelkanov. “Currently, the vaccine has passed five tests quite well. The tests of the vaccine go through the final stage, but no one knows when they are going to end,” said Mikhail Shchelkanov. Read more…

Ebola: US sends 3,000 troops to W.Africa to ‘turn tide' (AFP) – US President Barack Obama will try to “turn the tide” on the Ebola epidemic Tuesday by ordering 3,000 US military personnel to west Africa to curtail its spread as China also dispatched more experts to the region.

The White House said Obama will travel to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta — where US Ebola victims were treated — to make the announcement, meant to spur a global effort to tackle the outbreak that has already killed 2,400 people. Via