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Indo-Russia 5th Fen Fighter Jet will be completelynew, not linked to Sukhoi T-50 Russia has said that the fifth generationfighter aircraft (FGFA) program that is being planned with India would be a 'completelynew aircraft' and is not linked to Moscow's own new generation fighter, the Sukhoi T 50.

In a detailed discussion, Russia's largeststate holding company in the defence sector, Rostec has said that it is worrying that fasterprogress has not been made by the Indian side to finalise the project.

"We have raised the matter at the highestlevel and had discussions at Aero India as well.

What is worrying is that we are not yet takingthe program ahead," Viktor N Kladov, Direct, International Cooperation, Rostec said, addingthat he was hopeful that progress will be made this year to sign on the dotted line.

There has been little progress on the FGFAproject since 2010, when then defence minister AK Antony had announced that all issues havebeen resolved and the air force said that it expects deliveries to start in 2017.

However, India and Russia have not yet signedan agreement to take the project forward, with the air force constituting a new threemember committee to reevaluate the project.

Russia is keen to differentiate the Indianproject with its ongoing T 50 fighter jet program.

"The Indian FGFA is not a copy cat of theT 50, it will be a new aircraft that will also have some technologies from the T 50.

If India had wanted the T 50, we would notbe working on a new aircraft (FGFA) program," Kladov said.

Answering a query by ET on whether the Russianside would be willing to work on integrating a western engine to the fifth generation aircraft(Russia has been facing delays due to this), the executive said that such an approach wouldnot be practical due to the history of sanctions by western powers.

"Even in our plans to develop a new commercialaircraft to take on Boeing and Airbus, we are insisting on our own engine due to thepast sanctions.

In a military project these concerns are evenmore," Kladov said.

Source: Youtube