Goodmid-day, pals, Let me begin by congratulating you on this essential occasion– the begin of our brand-new MiG-35light boxer airplane's trip examinations.

Mycongratulations go, naturally, to the developers, pilots, employees, as well as designers, to everybody that functioned as well as continuouslies service this essential as well as large task to place a brand-new airplane overhead.

I keep in mind that the brand-new multi-purpose MiG-35boxer has actually improved trip as well as technological attributes as well as is furnished with the really newest tools systems.

Yourecognize this far better compared to I.

Itcould comply with from 10 to 30 targets simultaneously, as well as could run over land or sea.

Thisis a encouraging as well as really one-of-a-kind airplane, 4++, you might state, really near being 5th generation.

I wish quite that this boxer will certainly add significantly to boosting our Air Force as well as Aerospace Forces.

Theairplane likewise has excellent export capacity, considered that greater than 30 nations proactively run an additional version, the MiG-29, as well as these nations have an excellent framework for utilizing these boxers as well as have the experienced workers.

Atthe very same time, of every little thing, market as well as program pertaining to these airplanes' procedure have to prepare to ensure that we could use possible companions the very best feasible upkeep as well as maintenance readily available on the planet today.

Anotherindicate which I intend to attract interest is that a person of the MiG centers intends to make a private airplane for which there is excellent need in the nationwide economic climate as well as from the general public.

Thisis the medium-haul prop airplane for usage on residential paths.

I wish that this job will certainly proceed inning accordance with timetable, all the a lot more so as we have actually picked funding resources, as well as we will certainly obtain a modernised airplane that will certainly be extensively made use of on residential paths.

Please, Please I ' m listening your record.

MrPresident, coworkers, Director of United Aircraft Corporation [OAC] Yury Slyusar coverage.

Hereat my side is Chief Designer of the OAK Sergei Korotkov as well as Chief Pilot of MiG Corporation Mikhail Belyayev.

MrPresident, today, we began trip examinations of the brand-new light multi-purpose MiG-35boxer.

Theboxer was developed especially for battle in high-intensity dispute as well as thick air protection problems.

Theairplane's superb outcomes were accomplished via utilizing a brand-new on-board protection system as well as brand-new infrared search as well as track.

Theairplane's radar exposure has actually been decreased by a several-fold variable.

Wehave actually boosted from 6 to 8 the variety of suspension factors, which will certainly make it feasible to make use of future as well as existing air-borne tools systems, consisting of laser tools.

Theairplane's array has actually been greater than increased.

Thiswas accomplished via larger ability of inner storage tanks as well as mid-air refuelling features, which could be performed in vessel regimen with airplane of the very same household also.

Allsystems made use of in the MiG-35are Russian developed as well as made, consisting of the most recent systems– the inertial system as well as helmet-mounted targeting system.

Theairplane was prepared as component of the state arms program with automation beginning in 2019.

OnJanuary 27, below in Lukhovitsy, we will certainly offer this airplane to possible consumers from various other nations.

Wehave excellent hopes that the airplane will certainly offer well on markets abroad as well as we currently see a great deal of rate of interest in it.

Ofprogram, we wish also that the orders the Defence Ministry areas as well as the orders being available in via military-technical teamwork, will certainly maintain the plant hectic.

But, as you kept in mind, below in Lukhovitsy, we are utilizing the MiG manufacturing centers to create in identical manufacturing of a local prop airplane, the Il-114

Wehave actually begun service the choices taken at the conference you chaired 6 months earlier.

Thesources have actually been assigned as well as we have actually gotten them.

Atthe very same time, the style bureau is preparing documents that will certainly be sent out to the plant, as well as below on the very same manufacturing flooring where the MiG-35airplane will certainly be made, we will certainly be constructing a minimum of 12 Il-114planes a year.

Thiswill certainly make it feasible, to name a few points, in maintaining with the jobs that have actually been established, to stabilize the company's profile, boost the share of noncombatant items as well as fulfill our tactical targets to boost the variety of noncombatant airplane to 45 percent of the company's profile by 2025.

MrPresident, we wish to reveal you video clip footage these days's trip, if you desire.


I wish to provide the flooring to the pilot that took this maker on its initial trip: Mikhail Belyayev.

ComradeSupreme Commander- in-Chief, sidekick participants of the Military-IndustrialCommission, As component of the MiG-35UB (two-seat variation) test program, a team of Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG– examination pilots Mikhail Belyayev as well as Stanislav Gorbunov– have actually carried out a trip to show its controllability, manoeuvrability as well as security attributes.

Theoutcomes as well as purposes have actually been totally completed.

Allon-board systems functioned correctly.

Theengine as well as the incorporated airplane control system functioned correctly.

Thestaff's assessment declares.

Themeasurable assessment will certainly be made adhering to the handling as well as evaluation of the products gotten from trip recording tools.

Thatends my record.

Thankyou, Mr Belyayev.

MrKorotkov, just how do you examine the job? [United Aircraft Corporation General Designer and Vice President for Innovations Sergei Korotkov] Mr President, participants of the Military-IndustrialCommission, We have actually produced a multi-spectrum system that was incorporated right into the weaponry system as well as in addition mounted aboard the MiG-35, as well as together with various other systems, we have actually created the Generation 4++ complicated.

Wewish that after the tests, the Defence Ministry will certainly acquire this maker which international consumers will certainly likewise concern authorize agreements with us.

I wish this task will certainly have success.

Thankyou quite.

Pleasecommunicate my hottest as well as sincerest congratulations to the whole personnel that has actually worked with this item, on this maker.

Allthe very best.

Goodgood luck.

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