Sheinformed host Kasza Tibor that he approached her at the 2013 Miss Universe competition in Moscow, where she was getting involved as an entrant AND standing for the business in charge of the Miss Universe Hungary contest.

Katakept in mind:

“Hegot my hand such as this. He was standing in the center of a team of bodyguards, he got my hand, he drew me to himself, and also he asked, ‘Whoare you?' He asked inEnglish Then, I was so stunned, I'll inform you that it remained in a minute, I was so stunned that I could not claim anything other than ‘Hungary'”

The version after that discussed that Drumpf also ran in up until now about welcome her to his resort area, despite the fact that he would certainly been wed to Melania Trump for concerning 8 years then:P TAGEND

“He”ve offered me” his calling card with his exclusive number, and also he informed me where resort, which area he was remaining in, which his name is Donald Trump.”

The lovely girls dished that she hung on to that small item of cardstock, including:P TAGEND

“Bythe design, I still have business card.”

In reality, she also Hungarian paper Blikk with an image of business card in a meeting this past November, informing:P TAGEND

“He's not my kind.”

Obviously, we can not verify the story, however Trump WAS there at that contest.

Ch- ch-check out the clip( listed below) to listen to Kata inform the tale herself at concerning 5: 51( if you talk Hungarian, that is )!

[ youtube https :// watch? v= 9NwmZ2FySL8]

AreU stunnedby Trump's affirmed scumminess, Perezcious viewers?

[Imagethrough Donald Trump/ Kata Sarka/ Instagram]

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