It's more than just the hair. From the concourses of white girls to the hordes of working-class men, these two divas have a lot in common.

Send the illegal immigrants home. Bar the door to Muslims. Kill the media.

Mucho macho Donald Trump loves to talk tough. Real tough for a guy who deferred his way out of serving his country in the Vietnam War and then made shameful remarks about a real American hero, John McCain.

But the truth is the shoot-from-the-puckered-lip billionaire is kind of a girly human, popping his pampered pompadour into angry rallies on his private jet.

Weird dyed hair. Fake white teeth. Heavy faux-tan makeup. A phobia about touching other human hands. Catty remarks about girls celebrities. Turning bitchy at the least perceived slight. Anal about everything. A bromance with Russian action hero Vladimir Putin.

The guy who gives so many white men a political erecting and thrills the thongs off so many white girls is a diva in gray flannels.

American males who have been screamed down and silenced by oppressive political correctness have found a hero who is unafraid and unfettered. Someone who can say what they cant.

American women of a certain breedingthe kind who used to mob Liberacelove Donalds celebrity; his delicious digs at Rosie ODonnell, Heidi Klum, and Megyn Kelly; his tasteless opulence; his girlish sentiments on beauty contests and Tv romances. Presidential politics is much easier to tune into when it is a flamboyant, drama-a-minute reality show.

The myopic media predicted the demise of Trumps candidacy from the beginning. Thats because tired political pundits first approached the notion of a run by Trump as nothing more than his every-four-year flirting designed to boost his brand and make his name more marketable.

Maybe thats what it was in the beginning. But something happened this time.

Perhaps it was the field of GOP boredom. The Republican Partys usual provide answers to engaging their constituencies is to send in the jesters. The buffoon Rick Perry. Jolly Mike Huckabee. Bumbling Bush. Ted The Joker Cruz. The cute little Rubio boy. The elephantine Chris Christie. And the Wicked Witch of the West, Carly Fiorina.

The Dems have done little to arouse, too. The socialist scold Berne Sanders can be entertaining, but the grumpy grandpa act is good for one or two reruns. After that, enough already!

The over-eager Martin OMalley is telegenic and discords for the outrageous, but you can only watch his local car-dealer pitchman persona for so long. Informercials, like OMalley, make the eyes glaze.

And the queen? Hillary is such a better candidate than she was when she got schlonged by Obama in 2008, and she can be good television. No doubt a debate with Trump would blow away the viewership records that The Donald has driven on his own.

But severely burned in the past, she is a cautious candidate who while sometimes fiery remains fearful of the flame.

Trump can apparently be as rash and appalling as he wants. The whiplash from critics merely get his supporters more lathered up and attracts new ones.

Hillary, her every utterance microscopically parsed, doesnt have that rhetorical luxury. Plus weve all considered a version of this act before.

The Trump Showor at least this iterationis new. And like Liberace, Donald the Entertainer likes to give the simple folks what they came to see.

Liberace used to bragging a lot, too. About how large his stones were( the ones on his fingers ). About his white piano with the plexiglass top( “Theres only” two in the world.[ pause] I have both of them .).

The hair. The teeth. The makeup. The flamboyance. The tacky dcor. Come to think of it, there is a lot of Liberace in the Trump candidacy.

The depressing choice for America could turn out to be: big-mouth girly human or a fast-and-loose-with-the-truth manly daughter in the White House.

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