A study in The Lancet has exposed the healthiest countries in the world and its grim reading for some, such as the US.

The research, funded by the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation, was conducted as part of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals( SDG ), with countries marked according to public data, pharmaceutical reports, and medical records.

The massive studyemerged from a decadelong collaboration focused on theworldwide distribution of illnes, told Bloomberg, adding that the team scrubbed data obtained on dozens oftopics from all over the world.

Top of the listing was Iceland, while the UK managed to come in at fifth. But its not until you get to 28 th place that you find the US, while China ranked even more poorly in 92 nd place.

In last place out of 188 countries, we find the Central African Republic, closely followed by Somalia, South Sudan, Niger, and Chad.

Our analysis not only highlights the importance of income, education, and fertility as drivers of health improvement but also emphasises that investments in these areas alone were not enough, the study writers noted.

Below is the top 10 listing with some notable countries also added. You can see the full listing and read more about the study in the open source PDF available on The Lancet.

1. Iceland

2. Singapore

3. Sweden

4. Andorra

5. UK

6. Finland

7. Spain

8. Netherlands

9. Canada

10. Australia

15. Germany

28. USA

92. China

119. Russia

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