What are the odds that President Donald Trump faces impeachment?

This question, once seen as a rabid liberal fiction, has percolated into the realm of relative potential amid a cacophony of scandals that have bombarded the Trump White House over the past two weeks.

Rep. Al Green( D-Texas) became the first member of Congress to call for Trump's impeachment on the House floor on May 17. And even some Republicans, including Rep.Carlos Curbelowho faces re-election in a blue district in 2018 have entertained the possibility of a Trump impeachment.

Let's be clear: Impeaching Trump remains a distant potential, and booting him out of office is even less likely. Doing so would require the Republican-controlled House of Representative to bring impeachment against him, and the Republican-controlled Senate to conduct an investigation into accusations against himand a two-thirds vote in the Senate to find him guilty.

In short, Trump is probably not going to get kicked out of office. But as any American likely remembers, he was probably not going to be president, either.

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