Today's comparison between the headline-topics in the Russian press and the international

follows the same pattern as before.

An overlap between issues of less than 10% and an opposite view on the topics that actually overlap (mainly on the situation in Syria).

Putin-G20-ending-pressconferenceToday's video is relaying president Putin's press conference in the wake of the G20 meeting in St.Petersburg. This feed from Euronews, simultaneously translated into English, gives not only a good picture of Putin's genuine attitude and “free from fluff” approach to answering questions (in a voice clearly marked by a cold he attracted while visiting the flooded areas of Russia's far east).

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Here are the headlines in the Russian domestic press. As always, according to RIA Novosti.

Russian Press at a Glance, Friday, September 6, 2013.

© RIA Novosti. Rybchinskiy

A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today


World leaders attending the G20 economic summit in Russia’s St. Petersburg focus on the Syrian conflict settlement as much as on economic issues. (Vedomosti)

Russian President Vladimir Putin briefly shook hands with US President Barack Obama, who arrived in St. Petersburg for the G20 summit. (Kommersant)

Former Kremlin ideologue Vladislav Surkov, who left the Russian government in May, is likely to take up the post of a presidential aide on social and economic issues for Abkhazia and South Ossetia. (Vedomosti)

The six Moscow mayoral candidates entered their final 48 hours of campaigning on Thursday ahead of Sunday's election, meeting with journalists, voters and competitors in order to press home their campaign messages and attempt to draw support away from their opponents. (The Moscow Times, Kommersant)


Russia’s Central Bank said that it is cracking down on costly consumer loans, in part by obligating banks that lend money at 60 percent interest to back such loans 600 percent with their own money. (Vedomosti, Kommersant)

Russia became the largest European market for cars sales as according to August figures it outstripped the previous leader, Germany. (Vedomosti)

Mail.Ru Group, one of Russia’s biggest Internet companies, has sold its remaining 0.52 percent stake in Facebook. (Kommersant)

Russia’s consumer rights chief Gennady Onishchenko may ban in a week time Russia’s imports of Moldovan wine, just like he did in 2006. (Kommersant)


A top US lawmaker has declined Russia's request for a meeting between US and Russian lawmakers to discuss how to address the ongoing crisis in Syria. (Kommersant, The Moscow Times)

US pop star Madonna criticized the proposed American military intervention in the Syrian civil war. (Rossiiskaya Gazeta)


The Russian Transportation Ministry drafted a regulation allowing air carriers to deny passengers free food during flights in order to push down ticket prices. (Rossiiskaya Gazeta)

A United Russia lawmaker on Thursday submitted a bill that would make “nontraditional sexual orientation” a legal basis for depriving people of their parental rights, the latest measure that, if implemented, would curb the liberties of LGBT people in Russia. (The Moscow Times)


Dmitry Vinogradov, a Russian lawyer who shot six people dead at his Moscow office last November, faces a life-term in prison as the trial nears its conclusion. (Kommersant)

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