Now, on the ground.

Ourteam is servicing offensive for freedom of tha old city (Palmyra) The procedure to free Palmyra started practically quickly after the old city was taken back by the terrorists.

Theextremists made use of that the primary pressures of the Syrian military were associated with the procedure to free Aleppo.

ISIS terrorists were quit at the Syrian army base T-4.

Thecircumstance was supported.

Toremove the militants from Tadmor (it is the Arabic name for Palmyra)– the 2nd time, federal government pressures took around 2 months.

Duringthe assaults of ISIS terrorists, the Syrian armed force have actually shed the powerful elevations of Palmyra.

Inorder to reclaim control of the old city, it was required to damage the terrorists, which was geared up with weapon locations on the ridges.

An uphill struggle when you think about that the Syrian military doesn ' t not have a prevalence in workforce.

Theterrorists tossed at Palmyra soldiers from Raqqa and also Deir- ez-Zor

Reserveswere sent out, by the leaders of ISIS, from the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Thesoldiers of the Syrian military were sustained by the Russian air travel.

Butnot just the pilots gave the problems for triumph.

Here, there were (Russian) army consultants, and also experts of the Russian unique procedures pressures.

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGES Special Operations Forces Command (SSO) is the elite pressure of the Russian army.

Everysoldier is special expert on the planet for these sort of devices.

Theyare geared up with one of the most modern-day tools and also devices The globe need to be really gratefull to these individuals for allowing us to once again see monoliths of old Palmyra.

Specialprocedures pressures carry out reconnaissance and also recommends the target s for flying force.

Thisis video clip of the bomb striking the command article of terrorists near Palmyra.

Bombsloss precisely right into the structure.

Withoutthe assistance of police officers of the unique procedures pressures, soldiers of the Syrian military and also its allies just might not reclaim control of the old city.

Here, federal government pressures encountered well educated and also geared up teams of terrorists of the ISIS, that have actually been planning for the protection, masterfully utilized the surface to conceal from weapons strikes and also flying force.

Moreover, they had their very own storage tanks and also self-propelled weapons.

Andwhere SAA couldn ' t survive, the problems for offending were presented by Russian unique pressures.

Secretly, throughout the evening they blocked offending procedures of extremists.

Withaccurate strikes, unique pressures are damaging terrorists ' fortress.

Inthis video clip, the terrorists remain in the leading elevation, which is well geared up stronghold.

Evenwith weapons assistance, it is really diffucult for SAA to take this prepared placements with no sheds.

Spetsnazutilizes state-of-the-art devices, monitoring systems.

Theyare targeting and also eliminating the terrorists.

Nowthe soldiers of the Syrian military are taking this peak without losses.

Afterthe strike, there is no resistance.

RussianSSO task forces didn ' t permit the terrorists to efficiently utilize cars and truck bombs (KornetATGM ruins ISIS cars and truck bomb) Goal! Jihadi cars and truck range 2.

000! Fire! Here ' re the unique pressures at work.

Thepolice officers regulate the circumstance on the field of battle.

Theinfo they transfer to the control centre, enables command to promptly make reliable choices.

Terroriststypically wear ' t also recognize where it is shooting.

Specialpressures bear up the field of battle browse assault airplane, damaging the terrorists, while they are planning for the counterattack.

Thanksto the personnel and also leaders of unique procedures pressures, the militants are not able to efficiently utilize the storage tanks at Palmyra, shed the vital elevations, specifically, where is the old castle.

Source: Youtube