Formation of the Russian Military Police was finalized in March 2015 Commander of the Russian Military Police battalion major Numakhadjiev Ruslan Mukhashevich.

Deputy Chief of the Aleppo branch of the Russian Center for Reconciliation, lieutenant colonel Aksenov Alexander Viktorovich.

The military police battalion was transferred to Aleppo in December 2016 We came to the Syrian Arab Republic in the middle of December of last year.

We arrived in Aleppo after the [Dec] 20th.

The situation in Aleppo and the surrounding areas remains tense, but the personnel of the military police is ready to perform any task set for them.

The majority of our battalion are Chechen, but we have other nationalities too.

One might say that our battalion is international.

For example, I have under my command.

four nationalities and four religions.

I am a Sunni Muslim, a Chechen.

My deputy personnel Chief is a Shia.

Also I have under my command a Buddhist from Buryatia and Orthodox Christians.

Let no one be confused, first and foremost we are all Russian citizens, then we are soldiers of the Russian Army and everything else comes afterwards.

In Aleppo, we operate under the command of the Center for Reconciliation.

Don't let anyone through, anyone!.

During demining, when the Sappers are working, our main task is safety.

Safety of the sappers themselves and additionally, we are doing everything possible, giving our best effort, to prevent harm to the civilian population.

We are setting up cordons.

isolating the civilian population from areas were demining operations are underway.

We were entrusted with this task and I assure you we will do everything to complete it.

We are very proud of it really.

Have you been in the army for a long time? No, not so long.

About a year and a half, not more.

Wife? Kids?Yes, I've got them.

Here we are, helping people.

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Where? Left? Right? To the right?Yes to the right.

Let him thorough.

We are very grateful that this task was entrusted to us.

That it is us, who represent Russia here.

That it is us, who were entrusted to fulfill.

this mission by the Russian Federation.

Today, here, we represent.

as I understand.

the whole of the Russian people, the Chechen people, and I am sure we will handle this task.

The personnel of the Military Police are deployed for combat action for the first time.

I am sure that the experience gained will be analyzed and utilized in the future by our military.

Where is he going? Stop! What is your first impression of the city? My first impression is of the unknown.

It is my first time in such a city.

we didn't know what is where and what to expect.

This was in the initial period.

a bit tense.

Then we got used to it.

Our commanders briefed us on the situation and our tasks.

What other impressions can be made about this city? We are very sorry to see it destroyed like this.

The people want peace, we can tell just by looking.

So, we are very hopeful, that everything will get sorted out here soon and people would start living peacefully.

It's enough.

We are very hopeful.

There is a lot of work for our sappers, who are working here day and night.

Special thanks to them.

Our city looks terrible, the old city, specifically this mosque, which is about 300 years old.

there is rubble everywhere, everything is wreked.

Right now, I wish to define those militants, to show their actions, to show the many bad things they have done here and I want to give a peaceful life to the peaceful Syrians.

To the residents who live here.

Oh no, I never had any mistrust in the locals and I will never have any.

because the peaceful residents are not guilty of anything.

The way we were instructed, we have to be cautious everywhere, because we never know what to expect.

From the first day we arrived here, the local residents have treated us so amazingly well, "thank you Russi" and so on.

Very good, very friendly reception.

Don't touch it! What's there? Ah.

I see.

It is ready to be ignited.

It is a makeshift grenade.

Ok, step away and don't touch it.

The people are asking us for help very often.

The most common problem is maybe that someone stole something.

Someone didn't treat someone right or something of this nature.

Always, someone is complaining about someone else.

Of course, we are resolving those issues.

Through the local police, We are letting them know.

And of course, we demand a report on what was undertaken to resolve the issue.

Hey you two, keep watch over there![.

It may explode at any time.

] Be careful not to step on something.

Just recently, we have found two corpses laying in the street.

Another two we found in the stairwell.

What can we do? We tell the local authorities, the local police.

We're doing everything we can to make them take the corpses away, whether they are militants or not.

The important thing is that the corpse will start to decay soon.

To prevent this, we demand the corpses be taken away and buried.

Go ahead, you should help over here.

Take this.

This one is Jabhat an-Nusra! Jabhat an-Nusra?Yes! It doesn't matter if he is Jabhat an-Nusra.

[He is nobody now, he is a corpse!] He'll start to stink soon, understand? You need to bury him.

OK? Even Jabhat an-Nusra are people, despite all the trouble they cased your country.

This is so damn familiar.

Do you understand? This atmosphere is so damn familiar now.

Those broken houses, The smell of gunpowder! Yes, we have combat vehicles, Typhoons, based on KAMAZ trucks and Tigers based on GAZ.

So far they haven't let us down, so far we are satisfied.

This machine is alright, it got plenty of horsepower.

Easy to control, good visibility, smooth ride.

It got cameras all around.

You can drive in reverse without using the mirrors, just the cameras.

Very comfortable machine.

Yeah, it got automatic transmission.

This truck is easy to learn, 10 minutes and you are done.

Just like that.

Petty officer Abdul Muslimov reporting! Greetings! Show what you got! The supply of our battalion is under strict control of our command.

We are in contact with our superiors everyday.

Every single day we send reports on our progress.

We report any problems that we have and usually they are resolved.

Here is one of the personnel sleeping rooms.

How many sleeping rooms do you have?I have two sleeping rooms.

Two sleeping rooms?Affirmative! Come here, enter.

Did you get bed sheets?Affirmative! Did you change them?Affirmative! Two days ago, as supposed.

Everything alright?Everything on time, everything as it should be! Second sleeping room.

Everything is in order! So I see.

This room is heated.

Do you get fuel on time?Affirmative.

Do you have any complaints?No complaints! Requests? Statements?No, none! Everything is in order.

Ramzan Ahmatovich Kadyrov has set us the task.

everyday we are reporting to the Chechen Republic, about our everyday life, about the morale of our soldiers, So far, everything is alright.

This is our mess-hall, this is where we eat.

Who are the cooks? The cooks are ours.

Our staff cooks?Affirmative! Good day![.

This is our medical facility.

] Commander of the Military Police battalion, major Numakhadjiev, greetings.

My people require your services sometimes? How often? Not often.

Medicines? Do you have enough?We have everything we need.

Well, thank God we got everything.

Pay close attention to control over the personnel, personal appearance Understood! and performance of duty.

Understood! So we don't get reproached.

Remember that we are the military police.

Understood! Tomorrow we will use.

On the special training, we will use the personnel which we have on location.

and we'll take some guys from the North.

and we'll do it over here too.

The rest will go on humanitarian duties.

To keep up the combat readiness of our battalion we conduct regular trainings, classes, special tactics training.

And to improve our collaboration with the local military police and regular police, we have started to hold joint drills.

So our personnel would get closer, It is possible we will have to work together.

We got cameras located on the perimeter of the vehicle.

These are touchscreens.

The soldiers who are sitting next to them can see what is going on outside.

If the hydraulics are out of order for some reason, We have a door, for fast evacuation.

It opens with this handle, like this.

You may begin evacuation.

Our main tasks are: keeping order, defense of military installations, and maintaining security.

But if, someone decides to use force against us.

We can provide an adequate answer.

So, I am shooting bam-bam-bam.

You need to stay closer, so I can feel you, understand? Lets go.

You can even push me a bit.

Lets go! Now, I need to change the clip! Turn this around and I can see were the clip is going.

I can insert it and operate the action right away and I can aim immediately.

He needs to work with him.

On your knees! Was it comfortable? Don't think about anything, just drop! I thank you for your cooperation.

Many thanks.

The most memorable moment, happened when we were handing out humanitarian aid.

We could see it in their eyes, the people where very grateful, very happy.

Some of them even learned a few words in Russian and when the crouds were shouting.

for real.

Love Russia, love Russi.

Thank you Russia.

This was really gratifying and I think that everyone of us will remember this for a long time.

This was the most memorable and pleasant moment.

The most amazing thing is that the locals are treating us very cordially, very friendly As far as I understand, this is because we are offering these people real support, real humanitarian actions, with the population.

Unlike the other countries, who are only helping in the mass media reality.

Why have they sent us here? Because.

perhaps we are close in faith.


we understand each other.

The Chechens who were here before us.

in Aleppo and in Syria in general.

I communicate a lot with the locals, when they call us "Sheshens" To them a "Sheshen" is a barbarian, a thief, a bandit.

They speak very badly about the Chechens whom they saw before us.

When they learn that we are Chechen, they are surprised.

They are coming to us, greet us, hug us.

This creates a great positive feeling, they wouldn't know that there are different Chechens if not for us.

I am grateful to my commanders and our Chechen leadership for giving us the chance to be here and rectify this error.

As far as I know, the military police in other countries maintains the security of military bases.

In this particular case, we are serving in a much broader capacity.

The residents are starting to return into the city, but they can't get medical help anywhere now.

Because of this, our medical staff are being dispatched and our mobile hospitals are being deployed.

They are organizing first aid locations.

At the same time the military police is conducting security operations, providing safety for the medical staff and civilian population who are there to receive medical assistance.

We are standing here because we have many sick.

We need medical help.

Right now, thanks God, everything is alright with us.

How are your life conditions?It's alright, but we need water and electricity.

We have food and bread.

If we had gas, it would have been even better.

God willing, everything will be alright with us.

It is possible to do reconstructive surgery on this.

She needs to stay in the hospital for a month, the scar tissue needs to be cut out and the leg should be put in the cast to keep it from moving.

The most memorable thing for me, here in Syria, is the destruction.

Even though I have seen destruction before, but this is the world heritage.

Right now we are at the Citadel.

When you enter it, you feel such an incredible atmosphere, an atmosphere of antiquity, of the middle ages.

You get a feeling of beeng some kind of a warrior from the middle ages.

One needs to be such an absolute barbarian to destroy all of this.

Not long ago we were working in the old city.

It is indescribably beautiful.

Narrow streets, everything is so beautifully constructed.

It is the first time I have seen something like this.

How it was possible to destroy all of this, I cannot comprehend.

This heritage was supposed to be treasured.

Safeguarded through the centuries.

The one who did it.

I don't understand who he is.

I don't know how long my mission will last here.

And I mean the whole of my battalion in general.

But when we leave here.

I would like, that.

the local people were left with an impression that they have brothers in Chechnya.

The Almighty is with us and truth is with us.

Translated: Krokozyabrik.

Source: Youtube