( CNN) Eight years back, early in the Obama presidency, I was resting with a team of conventional pupils in the snack bar of a liberal Ivy League university. I was the only non-Americanamongst them. One of the school liberals approached us to select a battle: She was flustering for the brand-new Democratic management to go after an event for battle criminal offenses versus previous President George W. Bush.

MyGOP cronies constrained. “Thisis America,” one urged. “Whenone side get involved in power, they allow the opposite retire gently– they do not stick their precursors' directly spikes. We do not make use of the regulation as a device to penalize political challengers. That's what constructs us various from banana republics inAfrica That's what constructs us the best republic worldwide.”

Regardlessof just what you think of George W. Bush– or this characterization of the whole African continent– my good friend summarized just what numerous Americans think regarding their country's toughness. From Thomas Jefferson forward, the unsupported claims of the autonomous instance has actually been basic to the folklore of American exceptionalism.

Theguy behind Comey's shooting