BolshieVestigets on the airand we are proceeding the program.

Thesystem of anti-doping in Russiashould come to be the most effective worldwide.

Thatis the primary taskof the Russian Anti-DopingAgency.

Thisis just what Yelena Isinbayeva, the two-timeOlympicchamp, believes.

Today, she headedthe RUSADA Supervisory Council once again.

Itis the RUSADA Supervisory Councilthat will certainly change the company.

Theobjective is to earn it so independent, that it doesn ' t reason suspicioneven amongst one of the most prejudiced doubters.

Thelast of this procedure will certainly becomethe recovery of our nation in WADA.

AntonLyadov records.

I will not be forgiving with anybody.

– Including myself.

– We wear ' t question that.

Nowshe uses high heels, a coat, and also an organisation fit, and also has a record recap in her hands.

Polevaulter Yelena Isinbayeva has actually hardlybeen seen similar to this by anybody up until today.

A brand-new clothing for a brand-new objective.

Shestates that protectingthe civil liberties of tidy professional athletes is currently her crucial missionand the “” brand-new definition of life.

” We desire our anti-doping system to bethe most effective worldwide and also an instance for the entire globe neighborhood.

Wewill certainly check everybody and also every little thing, and also, obviously, our primary job is to fightdoping in Russia and also to recognize all infractions.

Itdoesn ' t issue that it will certainly be, an excellent professional athlete or an average one.

InNovember 2015, the commissionof the worldwide company WADA charged the Russian firm, RUSADA, of systematicallycovering up sportspersons that utilized doping.

Sinceafter that, the examinations of professional athletes have actually beentaken specifically by international doping police officers.

Tobring back the Russian anti-doping system, the make-up of the brand-new Supervisory Councilwas authorized today.

Independentexperts will certainly monitoreach action in the reform of RUSADA.

Wewill, as a matter of fact, forma brand-new anti-doping system in Russia, that is, the brand-new compositionof the Russian Anti-DopingAgency, and also the anti-doping lab, which isnow component of the Moscow State University.

AllWADA suggestions on Supervisory Councilformation were taken into consideration.

Impartialityand also self-reliance are the primary requirementsfor the recently picked council participants.

Oneof them is the Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Sergey Ryazansky.

Itwas he that tookthe Olympic lantern to deep space for the very first time in background, prior to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Verymeticulous and also extensive workis underway to re-create the firm.

I think that the influence that Elena has, will certainly aid to form the brand-new picture of RUSADA.

Thecandidateship of Elena Isinbayeva was proposedon part of the Russian Olympic Committee by one more champ, the saber fencer Sofya Velikaya.

I have simply one effort to reveal my job, and also, obviously, to cleanse our sporting activity of.

Ofthis dust, to make sure that our generation ofrising celebrities, both future and also existing, will certainly never ever once again encounter the issues that I, however, come across in my sporting activities profession. Due to the fact that of the costs of doping methods,

Isinbayevalike no one else understands just what losinga desire.

TheRio de Janeiro Olympics was her goalwhich she was seeking for a number of years.

Despitethat the professional athlete wasnever captured doping, the International Association of Athletics Federationsdid not enable Isinbayeva and also 67 various other tidy Russian professional athletes to contend.

Thankyou significantly, firstly, for this effective assistance from on your own, it is absolutely extremely important for us due to the fact that.

Untilcompletion of March, a brand-new CEO of the RussianAnti-DopingAgency will certainly be chosen.

Itwill certainly be done on an affordable basis.

Qualifiedexperts from around the countrycan use today.

Newparticipants of the Supervisory Councilhave currently began to function.

Meetingswill certainly be held frequently.

Thisreform has actually currently been calleda huge action to producing a tidy and also a clear Russian Anti-DopingAgencywith an impressive online reputation.

AntonLyadov, Sergei Dovgal, Vladimir Kalsky,AndreiBaraukhin and also Pavel Alekseev, Vesti

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