Donald Trump loves Twitter like Kanye West loves Kanye. Thats been fairly apparent for a very long time, but especially duringthis election cycle.

The Republican presidential candidate tweets a lot.

But, he was strangely silent during the2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It appears he only sent out one tweet, and it was at the very beginning of the Games.

After this, there wasnt a single word of praise.

Wheres Trumps sense of patriotism?

The US predominated in Rio, winning the most medals of any country by far.

Why wasnt the Republican presidential nominee celebrating how well Team USA did?

Maybe Trump didnt like how a diverse team of American athletes crushed the competition, as it doesnt go so well with his whole Make America Great Again narrative.

Simply set, Trumps campaign arguably benefits when America losesor appears to be in decline. But, the opposite occurred in Rio, so that could explain why he remained relatively mute throughout the Games.

Its also worth noting, at the end of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, Trump was criticizing the US for its performance. Russia beat the US in terms of the final overall medal counting that year.

America kicked ass in Rio, Mr. Trump, so why the radio silence?

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