Trump made his third appearance as a presidential candidate on ‘The Tonight Show’ Thursday night, and managed to say something ‘shocking’ despite his attempts at discipline.”>

The first time Donald Trump appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as a presidential candidate was one year ago this week. Still considered a long shot for the GOP nomination, Trump sat across from his impersonator and pretended to talk to himself in the mirror, parodying his comical lack of campaign specifics.

The second time, four months to the day later, the votes were yet to be cast in the first caucuses and primaries, but Trump was already at the top of the polls. There were no more comedy sketches, no more bits, just a lightweight mock job interview segment in which Fallon asked his guest questions like Do you have a weakness? (He never forgets and is too nice, for the record.)

On Thursday night, Trump was a guest on the show for a third time, and with less than eight weeks until Election Day, the stakes were way higher. So what did Fallon do? He mussed Trumps hair.

Even Fallons monologue lines about Trump were soft, joking about the audience having the check their baskets of deplorables and suggesting the candidate could drop the 15 pounds he wants to drop by visiting his barber.

When the interview got under way, Fallon began by noting that this whole presidential campaign thing is getting real and asking Trump, Do you still want to do this?

Were doing well, Trump replied. Its been really a lot of fun and its an amazing movement all over the country. Its been incredible, so, no, its been an honor for me, I have to say. The unusually subdued candidate went on to say that being president is the best way to help people, and thats what hes in it for. Fallons asked about the challenges of running for president and how Trumps business background helps him campaign. Later, he inquired about Trumps favorite Monopoly property.

The host also gave Trump a chance to go after one of his favorite targets: the media. I think the press has become more and more vicious, the candidate said when asked how things have changed over the course of the campaign. But at the same time, Trump said theres even more love out there from his supporters. He claimed to be leading in Colorado, though most averages have him trailing in that state by several points.

Trump said he loves the polls but also admitted, I dont pay attention if Im losing or lagging, I never mention it. Believe me, only when Im winning.

Fallon demonstrated his impression of the candidate to Trump and even thanked him for saying so many shocking things and providing him and other late-night hosts with material. Im trying not to anymore, Trump said, but Fallon did call him out for at least one of his more recent outrageous statements about Vladimir Putin.

If he says great things about me, Im going to say great things about him, Trump told Matt Lauer of Putin last week at NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum.

But he was striking a different tone with Fallon. Well, look, I dont know him, and I know nothing about him, really. I just think if we got along with Russia, thats not a bad thing, Trump said. The Democrats try to say I like him somehow. I dont like him. I dont dislike him. I dont have any feelings one way or the other. And its not going to matter what he says about me. If he says good things or bad things about me, Im going to make great deals for our country. He added, They make it like hes my best friend, I dont know him.

Looking ahead to the first general election debate, Trump said he thinks moderator Lester Holt is going to have a tough time because there will be pressure for him to be harder than Matt Lauerwho did a fantastic job, in Trumps wordswas on him. He predicted the whole thing would be unfair to both him and Holt.

After a break, Fallon decided to finish the mock job interview he started with Trump nine months earlier. But though we are now less than 60 days away from the election, the questions didnt get any more pressing. When Fallon asked if Trump has any hobbies, the candidate said he doesnt have time for anything besides campaigning. Trump joked that if he doesnt win the election, he next best option could be taking over The Tonight Show.

Thats not going to happen. But theres always NBCs Chicago President.

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