According to Sergei Shoigu,Moscow is demanding that the Pentagon explain a statementby the US Secretary of Defense.

The day before, James Mattis discussed Washington'sintention to conduct a dialogue with Russia from a "position of strength.

" According to Shoigu, there is no future intaking such an approach.

The Russian Defense Minister expressed hope that the meaning of the statementwould be clarified by our American colleagues during the meeting of the heads of the generalstaffs of Russia and the United States in Baku.

I’ll remind you that the day before,during a meeting with NATO allies, James Mattis said that the United Stateswas ready to cooperate with our country, but not quite diplomatically.

Just as we did inthe darkest days of the Cold War, the US is still willing to maintainopen political channels for cooperation and the de-escalation of tension.

We remain open to the possibilityof restoring cooperation with Moscow, but at the same time, we are realistic in ourexpectations and recommendations for our diplomats to negotiate with Russiafrom a position of strength.

Source: Youtube