Heymen So today I am shooting with my guy This is his initial time doing a video clip so we ' ll be doing it in Danish, so it really feels much more all-natural I will be doing English subtitles so you can simply transform them on down listed below We ' re simply going to attempt some various sweet and also treats We ' ll see if we like it Hopefully Let ' s attempt the initial point What shall we attempt? You choice – it ' s like choosing Christmas offers I ' m proficient at that Let ' s attempt this So this is.

delicious chocolate with some bear upon it It ' s something I bear in mind from my youth But Frederik hasn ' t tasted them We ' ll shot Do you take equally as lengthy with these coverings? Cheers They preference specifically like I bear in mind Does it have biscuit in it? Mhm, it tastes so excellent It preferences like those waffles you obtain with gelato Yes, specifically Or those waffles you obtain.


with gelato Exactly You ' re right I concur.

Exactlymy words That ' s not so poor.

That' s alright Then you select that a person? This superb.

Itresembles it states “” lokum”” (= commode) I think it states lo-kum What is this? Interesting I believe it has powdered sugar on it There ' s certainly some powdered sugar on you currently and also on the bed.

That' s going to be terrific for oversleeping tonight Then we ' ll have pleasant desires.

HA It doesn ' t actually taste like anything It ' s like a monotonous winegum that doesn ' t preference like anything An extremely soft winegum then it ' s a little crispy as well I such as the powdered sugar It ' s a little featureless, isn ' t it? Yes This one should be cool, which it possibly isn ' t any longer.

yes it ' s still a little cool Do you wan na attempt this after that?Yes

Mymother enjoys these I have a sensation I won ' t like it though Do you wan na take a bite? We can take a bite from each side No, after that we ' ll kiss which is gross Are you prepared? It preferences like an extremely tacky cheesecake You actually like cheese, so you could complete it No thanks, Elena could have that a person to herself It ' s like an all-natural yoghurt, yet possibly a little bit much more like A38A38covered in delicious chocolate yet pleasant yeah and also a little tacky Well I ' m additionally important Let ' s taste these Then we have this You could acknowledge her.

you could not if you ' re not accustomed to Russian sweet She ' s a little bit of a timeless Or he.

it is a she, isn ' t it? I wear ' t understand But after that we believed we didn ' t intend to acquire the normal delicious chocolate due to the fact that it ' s simply milk delicious chocolate Then we discovered this and also it resembles it states creme brulee I ' m practically particular that it does It states.

creme then it states.

briole That needs to be creme brulee Really improperly obvious So we believed that ' s intriguing, we should attempt it I ' m delighted to see just what it is Now that I ' m a huge follower of creme brulee So if it has anything to do with that said, after that * mumbling * let down It preferences like those delicious chocolates with alcohol It ' s as if they couldn ' t find out if they desired the in to be difficult or soft It ' s a little strange It ' s not creme brulee It ' s not a creme brulee that I have ever before tasted Then we ' ll attempt these What ' s that? * pronounciation fell short * No.

That' s certainly not just what it states That ' s a * define word * * articulates it appropriately * It resembles this I ' m actually delighted for this due to the fact that it ' s actually simply a huge block I would certainly practically believe it ' s clay for Christmas or something Maybe it ' ll be margarine when we open it It resembles.

had it been eco-friendly, after that it would certainly like just what you make use of for blossom designs But it ' s difficult It ' s extremely hard I question if we could also attack with it Is it wet or is it.

? No, it ' s difficult Shall I attempt? Yes, you attempt it.

Ifyou wear ' t like it, after that I ' ll possibly simply miss it It ' s strange due to the fact that it ' s hard, yet when you attack with it, it crumbles I ' m not a follower No, it tastes incredibly strange It preferences like something that must ' ve been tossed out a week earlier It preferences like a healthy protein bar Something that must make you solid and also healthy and balanced No, it doesn ' t.

Itsimply preferences poor I believe we must purge it with some.

* kvas * Here you go, skat Thank you significantly Cheers Was it excellent? It preferences like a level beer with no preference It ' s made from bread You could place it away once more, due to the fact that I wear ' t like it Then you made me acquire a huge container.

2 litres price 10 kroner, I believe you ' ll endure Then we ' ll attempt these * kisses *, they need to excel This one I ' m delighted for It ' s like a dual.

it ' s twomeringue * kisses * created But it ' s not due to the fact that they ' re soft They ' re extremely soft It ' s much more like a marshmallow A tough marshmallow Nonetheless.

I suggest it doesn ' t preference poor it simply doesn ' t preference like much It ' s like the various other one from earlier.

it ' s featureless It doesn ' t preference like much Then we ' ll attempt this * aims to articulate * We currently got this really But after that my mother consumed it and also we needed to acquire it once more So I believe this must excel Definitely.

we ' ll shot It looks great You believe so? Yes Very artistically done It resembles gingerbread or the kind There ' s something on the in There ' s some.

delicious chocolate possibly? Yes, wear ' t do that A little completely dry, yet excellent It doesn ' t preference like much either It tastes a little bit like bread, yet you understand I like bread We sanctuary ' t had anything that ' s a bomb of taste yet Well I 'd instead have this compared to something that ' s an artificial bomb of sugar It ' s among the much better forgettables I like it People constantly await me to complete consuming Charlotte consumes incredibly quick It ' s like she doesn ' t also eat prior to she shallows You should ' ve seen the other day at the dining establishment I rested there and also we were actually quickly Before I also understood it, she was performed with her dish She was currently prepared for treat and also I hadn ' t also touched my fish yet There were 2 items of fish though and also they were fairly big Ouch Now we ' re resting below with these What are they called? * aims to articulate * something I like these, so I got a huge bag You sanctuary ' t tasted them? No There ' s a wonderful little lady on it Little Red Riding Hood.

I believe Are you offering me rabbit ears? Definitely not You ' re so fully grown Yes, I understand that 10 hrs later on Cheers I didn ' t understand it was a competitors on that could complete initial Isn ' t this the like just what we had prior to? Not fairly They ' re excellent There ' s not a huge distinction in between these and also those we had prior to There ' s not a great deal of distinction them generally These.

and also.

Wellyes But they ' re excellent Yes, they ' re fairly excellent Now we ' ve got to the factor where we finish the video clip You finished your initial video clip, skat I believe we should finish it with a joys A joys with * kvas * In Russian custom, they ' ll state something then you need to down it So we need to do that as well No, it scents You need to No, I simply can ' t Aahhh mussi, I ' ve completed my own currently Then you should do it as well You ' re excellent Yes, you finished your initial video clip, skat Did I succeed? Yes, I believe so Did you believe so? Are we done currently? Yes, yet we need to finish up the video clip initially Just to thank them for viewing That was extremely good of them Thank you for viewing! That was extremely good.

That' s strange to state.

They' re not viewing it yet Yes, they ' re viewing today They ' re not When they ' re viewing, after that they ' re viewing along today Yes possibly, yet after that we will have shot it and also they will understand it ' s several days ago this was shot This was not produced speaking poor regarding Russian sweet We ' re possibly simply made use of to another thing We ' re made use of to something various, something with even more taste My mother remains in paradise when she comes below Maybe I should simply take all of it house to my mother That was an outstanding concept How are you going to load it? That ' s a great concern It was certainly enjoyable to attempt I believe one will certainly constantly such as the sweet from one ' s nation the very best Danish sweet will certainly constantly be the very best og * hakkebøffer * (= burgers-ish) If you liked this video clip, after that provide it a like Leave a like for Frede Leave a remark down listed below if you believe Frede did a great task I believed you will state remove your garments down below Haha no, leave a remark down listed below if you believe Frede did a great task I believe so.

Heshould have a high 5 Up high Up high Subscribe if you intend to see even more video clips from me Maybe he ' ll remain in an additional video clip Maybe he won ' t Maybe he will Who understands? If you leave a like, after that he ' ll remain in an additional video clip Probably not Thank you a lot for viewing! I ' ll see you following time I wish you ' ll having fun till after that Bye.

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