Today's comparison between the headlines in Russian press and the headlines in the international media, Monday August 26 2013

Syria was the main topic among the international headlines about Russia. Russia's support of Assad is apparently annoying USA and their puppets in Europe. Using a, most likely staged, attack with chemical agents as a pretext, USA is moving towards an intervention, also without the backing of the UN.

Of course domestic politics (and economy) plays the main role in this da capo of the invasion of Iraq. The record of unbelievable, but symptomatic, quotes was set by Sen. Bob Corker, Tennessee Republican and ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, in an interview with Fox News (known for its staged and biased reports from the Georgia-war in 2008):

Despite a lack of evidence, Sen. Bob Corker, Tennessee Republican and ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, told Fox News, the United States must assume a “leadership” role in an attack. “This was not contrived,” Croker said about doubts the Syrian government is responsible for the unsubstantiated attack. “And, obviously, the world is a better place when the United States takes leadership.”

Just wonder how many really agrees in that statement?

Today's overlap is 3 of 12 Russian reports (Syria, Snowden and Floodings). A record so far. Actually, having followed the news on Russian TV, there was a much bigger overlap with the international topics than what RIA Novosti reports in their summary from Russian press. The time-difference between the morning editions of news-papers and the evening reports in TV, might play a role here.

Today's video – from Syrian PressTV:

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Here are the Russian headlines from Monday 26 August, as before, selected by RIA Novosti.


Russian Press at a Glance, Monday, August 26, 2013. © RIA Novosti. Rybchinskiy
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Syria’s President Assad has warned foreign powers that intervention in the crisis in the country will cost them dear and are doomed to failure. (Izvestia)

US fugitive intelligence contractor Edward Snowden stayed in Moscow in late June because the Cuban authorities would have denied him the right to land, under US pressure, if he had flown there. (Kommersant)

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has reaffirmed his commitment to signing key trade agreements with the EU, despite a threat by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin of possible retaliatory measures. (Moskovsky Komsomolets ,The Moscow Times)


New indications of a global crisis have emerged, with significant consequences for Russia. Prices for metals, coal and other raw materials are falling, which could in the long run result in oil prices going down as well. (Rossiiskaya Gazeta)

US IT corporation Hewlett-Packard was forced to start assembling all-in-one computers at a St. Petersburg plant because Russia introduced import duties for computers. (Vedomosti)

United Wagon Company has signed an agreement with US company Amsted Rail and received full intellectual property rights to its Motion Control bogie design, which the Russian manufacturer can also license to other companies. The partners also agreed to establish a joint venture for designing and manufacturing freight car components. (The Moscow Times)

Russia’s consumer rights watchdog has called on banks to write off debts to borrowers affected by floods in the Far East. (Vedomosti)

Statoil, one of the most successful oil explorers in recent years, sees offshore Angolan and Russian shale as the industry's next big plays and considers US shale oil overhyped, its exploration chief Tim Dodson said. (The Moscow Times)


Young scholars held a rally against the Russian Academy of Sciences reform a bill, on which has already been adopted by the lower house of parliament in two readings. (Kommersant, Moskovsky Komsomolets)

Rising flood waters in the far east city of Khabarovsk threaten to cut off the city’s electricity supply. (Moskovsky Komsomolets)

Presidential grants are likely to be distributed among many NGOs, including patriots, rights advocates and even those listed as “foreign agents” by a new Russian law introduced last November. (Vedomosti)


Military prosecutors will not pass evidence resulting from their investigation into former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov’s activities to the Russian Investigative Committee, meaning a high-profile probe into corruption in the ministry is likely to only affect junior figures, and not claim an unprecedented former ministerial scalp. (Kommersant, Moskovsky Komsomolets)

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