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Views On Russia 16 August 2013

Today's views on Russia 16 August 2013. First from the domestic Russian press via RIA Novosti and further down from the International Press via Google News. Today's overlap between Russian and international headlines: 1 (Customs...

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Russian in the Press Thursday August 15 2013

Why does the international opinion about what is going on in Russia differ so much from the reality in Russia?

Most likely it depends on the information we are being fed. This information is fundamentally different depending on if your sources are the international press or if it comes from Russian media.

In this post, and in coming daily post, I will try to exemplify those two different feeds – The domestic Russian and the international.

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Russian versus International Headlines – Press at a Glance Wednesday, August 14 2013

This is the first post of a series aiming to explain one of, and maybe the main, reason for why there is so little understanding and so much hate for most things Russian, outside Russia.

Coming from a country which, for centuries, have had Russia as the “permanent foe” and furthermore having served more than 17 years in the armed forces, I have probably better possibilities than most people to understand the political needs for a negative image about Russia … Read the rest

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Finally – A Correct Analysis Of The Snowden Case And Russia

There have been many opinions (in addition to mine) posted online about Edward Snowden's alternatives for asylum and relationship with Russian authorities (read: President Putin).

Most analytics seem although to be living in some fantasy world, far from Russian realities.

Today we could, however, read one very good and adequat opinion-article in the Moscow Time.

I believe the author, Georgy Bovt, really hit bulls eye when he described President Putins opinion of Snowden like this:

It is unlikely that President 

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