Finally, Prisma is available on Android !
Image: Prisma Labs

After a short, invite-only beta period, the artistic photo-filter app Prisma is now freely available to everyone on Google's Play store.

The app, which lets you choose from a surprisingly large number of filters and turn ordinary photos into mini-artworks, can be found here. You'll want to actually use that connection, as searching for the app on Google Play will likely net several dozen (!) knockoffs , none of which you probably want to install on your phone.

Coming from Russia-based company Prisma Labs, Prisma first appeared on iOS a few months ago. Instead of applying some pixel-rearranging filter to the content of the photo, the app according to its makers employs neural network and AI technology to recreate the photo anew, which is why the results are so vastly better than most “artistic” photo filters we've seen.

Prisma's future is in video and virtual reality, though those capabilities still haven't attained style into the publicly available apps.

You can, however, already watch one music video attained entirely in Prisma, below. A musician called Junk-E-Cat generated the video by splitting it into frames and then running each frame through the Prisma app.

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