Dear Senators,

Your constituents are upset over what is happening in the country right now. On the left, citizens were aghast as the administration rolled out a travel prohibition targeting Muslims, repealed protections for transgender children, and pushed through confirmations for cabinet officials who were and are uniquely unqualified to run the Federal agencies to which theyve been appointed. For those on the right, while the general direction of domestic policy under the Trump administration may hold some appeal, Trumps erratic behaviour and authoritarian tone, assaults on the free press, and bungling of foreign relations( among other issues) are a real cause for concern. These early perceptions of a rocky start for Trump have led to unusually low approving numbers for a presidency in its infancy.

But lets defined that aside: we can criticize Trump on his adolescent tone, his bluster on the world stage and his regressive policy stances for the next four years if we have to. At the moment there is a more pressing fear: President Trumps ties to Russia.

In the midst of the 2016 campaign, Trumps praise for Vladimir Putin raised yellow flags, a perception compounded by Trumps televised open invitation for Russia to hack Clinton campaign emails to find a smoking gun on his opponent.

Some brushed off this commentary as flippant the unrestrained ramblings of an accomplished bullshit artist: simply Trump being Trump. But the Presidents continued dismissal of the intelligence communitys consensus that Russia was responsible for the DNC hack and his corresponding statements about how great it would be if we had a better relationship with Russia are both confounding and deep suspicious.

With close allies like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn having unusual ties to Moscow, and the post-election revelation that Flynn communicated with Russian officials prior to the inauguration regarding the potential for President Obamas sanctions to be lifted, the issues and speculations abound.

Please pay attention to this statement, Senators: Millions of Americans are concerned that the sitting President of the United States colluded with a foreign power to perpetrate espionage, with a goal of producing damning information on his opponent that would sway the election in his favor.

Let that resonate.

The internet is rife with rumors and innuendo. Many are praying for leaks from the federal government and intelligence community to shed light on the Trump teams ties to the Putin regime. This is untenable. The United States of America has maintained leadership on the world stage, largely because of our adherence to rule of law and democratic institutions. Relying on the populous at large or leaks of confidential information to put these puzzle pieces together undermines our democracy and stance in the world, while encouraging development of conspiracy hypothesis. It is beneath us.

The American people demand the following:

A formal, independent investigation into the Russian hacking of the election and all of the former and ongoing personal, financial and political ties that Trump and his squad have to Russia. This investigation must be conducted by a special counseling nominated by the Us attorney general( who must recuse himself due to his close ties and long support for the President ). Inquiries by Congressional Committees are too weak given the magnitude of this situation. As a corollary, we require: