ALERT Russia Sends Shock Message to Trump,Says Not Giving Up Crimea� Proves Media 100% Wrong.

The Trump administration could be headingtoward a major showdown with Russia after Russian President Vladimir Putin�s governmentsaid it refused to give back the territory it took after invading the Ukrainian territoryof Crimea, Reuters reported.

Russian officials said this week that theywere going to rebuff the Trump administration�s demand to return the territory they annexedin 2014.

Moscow has long defended the annexation, pointingout that the region overwhelmingly voted to join Russia.

Critics contend, however, that the plebisciteover Russian rule was rife with intimidation.

�We don�t give back our own territory.

Crimea is territory belonging to the RussianFederation,� said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, accordingto Reuters.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov echoed thosesentiments.

�The theme of returning Crimea will notbe discussed � Russia does not discuss its territorial integrity with foreign partners,�Peskov said on a conference call when asked by reporters about comments from White Housepress secretary Sean Spicer.

Spicer had said Tuesday that the White Houseexpected the Russians to give Crimea back to the Ukraine.

It was the latest incident in a week thatseemed to explode the media and Democrat Party narratives involving the Trump administrationbeing overly cozy with Russia.

According to Fox News, the Russian spy shipViktor Leonov was spotted 30 miles of an American submarine base in Groton, Connecticut, whereit was �loitering� in international waters.

ABC News reported on Wednesday that the shiphad moved to the waters off of Norfolk, Virginia � site of another major naval base.

�We are aware of the vessel�s presence,�Lt.


Valerie Henderson, a Defense Department spokeswoman, told NBC.

�It has not entered U.


territorial waters.

We respect freedom of navigation exercisedby all nations beyond the territorial sea of a coastal state consistent with internationallaw.

� It also came out this week that Russian jetshad �buzzed� the deck of an American destroyer in the Black Sea.

So, just so we�re clear: Trump and Putinare set to have a showdown over Crimea and Russia�s military is trying to intimidatethe Trump administration.

But, to the left Trump is a puppet of theKremlin.

Make sense to you? Me neither.

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