Aleppo, free at last after 5 years under Wahabi Sharia laws.

But now let's talk about Syria where people have a gala: the dwellers of Aleppo noisily celebrate the liberation of the city. Here you can see the video from there. On the eve the Syrian Command reported: Aleppo has been fully liberated from the activists. From the eastern part of the city the last groups of terrorists have been taken out. After this, for the first time in several years, people lit illuminations and played music in the street. Hundreds of people started dancing. In some neighborhoods people dressed up as Christmas trees. Even bad weather did not stop the festivities.

To hear about how Aleppo was liberated, here is the report of our special correspondent in Syria Alexey Baranov. These armoured vehicles were captivated. Then, after an agreement with the Russian peacekeepers on the withdrawal of terrorists from Damascus, the activists were pushed to leave the vehicles. They took their dead with them. These machines do not help anymore, and they stay as evidence of their felonies. The Syrian regular army continues to liberate colonizations previously resided by activists. The largest metropoli in the country, Aleppo, has been completely freed.

This is a strategic turn in the war against the terrorists. And here in this is suburb of Damascus for the first time in five years old, infants are able to go to school. I went back to school! Lastly! You know, thank you, including you, I started to study again. What is happening in Syria in recent years is not a secret. This is a terrorist attack on a sovereign state. Apart from the city of Aleppo, which is now almost completely freed from activists, the same happens through the whole front line. This is a neighborhood of Damascus, which on the eve the terrorists applied it as an outpost for captivating the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic, is now fully liberated. For protection grounds we are forbidden to remove body armor, but, as we can see, civilians are already recalling here. They fill the whole apartments, everything needed is available for the refugees, and the ordering is observed of members of the security services.

Thousands of terrorists, those who have decided not to lay down their arms, in collaboration with the legitimate dominions of Syria, are sent to the province of Idlib in specially organized pillar. Not merely the living conditions of their families were saved, but also of civilians, who did not think to take up arms. Contending with a truly international terrorism accompanies tangible results. Alexey Baranov, Alexander Malyshev and Nikita Korunov, “Vesti”, Syrian Arab Republic ..