Grisly details as if ripped from horror films.

The New York Times reported on the massacres of the Syrian army against civilians, executions in the cellars.

Die Zeit calls the liberation of Aleppo barbarism should be ashamed of humanity.

The New Yorker speaks of mass executions and detentions, about people who were left without food and shelter.

There was immediately reminded of the humanitarian centers and field hospitals, which Russia has deployed in Aleppo.

The fact that civilians still help without the participation of the USA and European countries.

Journalists in the cosy editorial offices Berlin and new York – no, not on their correspondents in Syria.

The main suppliers of information – the Syrian Observatory for human rights, based in London.

And organization "White helmets", about which ordinary residents of Aleppo are either not heard or is not a good word to remember.

"They don't help people.

When the cameras turn off, they just leave, leaving the people under piles of rubble.

They talked to themselves out of the body," said a resident of Aleppo.

"They kicked me out of his own house, said that organized the headquarters of the "free Syrian army" (FSA), later the house was bombed," said a resident of Aleppo.

This is footage from the streets of Aleppo – thousands of people celebrate the victory and leave as government forces.

They hope that the violence and fear behind.

Now, more than five thousand people returned to their homes.

Quite a different reaction – for example, in the UN.

There the liberation of Aleppo're not happy.

"The reaction of some Western observers seems to me quite strange.

They perceive the incident as a terrible defeat.

I can't understand how can you Express dissatisfaction with the fact that the bloodshed has stopped.

And the blood really flowed like a river, and in both Western and Eastern Aleppo.

The continuation of the fighting can desire only those who wish the victory of the terrorists", — commented the former British Ambassador Craig Murray.

The founder of the "White helmets" — James Le Mesure, a former officer in the British army and later a mercenary in the group "Olive".

This is a military firm that is closely connected with the notorious private military company Blackwater Academy.

It performs the orders of the Pentagon and the U.



Le Mesure — British military intelligence officer with an impressive track record, "work" in Bosnia and Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

In General, where you need to use the script "how to start a war".

Sponsorship fees White helmets exceed $ 100 million.

As the main sponsor, the USA.

"The United States does not even hide the fact that it spent in support of the Syrian armed opposition, about 500 million dollars.

The fruit of their efforts was the appearance of groups numbering just a few dozen militants, who eventually handed over their weapons to terrorists.

Western policy in Syria, putting at the forefront the overthrow of Assad and the change of power in the country, led to quite disastrous consequences.

Such a strategy is not very well shown in Iraq and Libya resulted in a very real disaster, becoming the one of the reasons for the migration crisis facing Europe.

The same thing we are now seeing in Syria," — said a member of the house of lords of the British Parliament Peter Truscott.

And apparently, just because Aleppo that support terrorists will only expand.

The U.


Congress approved the delivery of fighters of anti-aircraft missile complexes, as the European Parliament proposes to introduce additional sanctions against Russia.