After CIA Micro-Coup, Trump Suddenly WantsRussia To Give Up Crimea, Thinks Obama Was �Too Soft� By Brandon Turbeville Only a day after an apparent micro-coup conductedby elements within the CIA and U.


intelligence apparatus, it appears that, if the CIA�sgoal was to convince President Donald Trump that moves toward rapprochement with Russiawould not be tolerated and that forces greater than Trump are in control of U.


policy,that mission has been accomplished.

Despite a campaign of seemingly more rationalforeign policy promises not to start World War Three, on the evening of February 14,mainstream headlines announced that Trump is now claiming that Crimea was �taken�by Russia and that Russia should give the region back to Ukraine.

SPECIAL: HOW TO FIX YOUR FATIGUE (DO THISEVERY DAY) �President Trump has made it very clearthat he expects the Russian government to deescalate violence in the Ukraine and returnCrimea,� said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday.

Trump then later tweeted on Wednesday, February15, �Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration.

Was Obama too soft on Russia?� As is typical, senile warmonger John McCain,who is well-known for abandoning U.


POWs in Vietnam and supporting every single militaryaction ever put on the table including supporting actual terrorists, joined in a chorus of warfervor, urging Trump to �let�s take a different course together: give defensivelethal assistance to #Ukraine & keep sanctions on #Russia.

� Trump�s rhetoric on the campaign, mere hintingat the fact that the United States under a Trump administration might consider removingthe idiotic and aggressive sanctions put in place under Obama, are now directly at oddswith his behavior and decisions as President.

Russia is not backing down either, havingcalled on Trump to live up to his more sensible rhetoric on the campaign trail regarding peaceand a sane relationship with Russia.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, MariaZhakarova, also stated that the question of Crimea will simply not be discussed and isnot open for debate.

�Crimea is part of the Russian Federation,�she said.

Russian officials also denied the paranoidconspiracy theories of leftist commentators and mainstream media pundits regarding thealleged collusion between Trump�s team and Russian intelligence.

A clear intelligence operation, the MichaelFlynn ouster has either provided justification for Trump�s sharp left?/right? imperialist turn against Russia or it wassimply a message sent by the intelligence community that Trump has clearly received.

If the incident was the former, we are witnessingclever theater being played at a level of complexity heretofore unseen in American politics.

If it is the latter, however, Trump must immediatelybegin to get his intelligence apparatus under control, possibly by indictments of any individualsinvolved in the monitoring and leaking of Flynn�s phone call.

Indeed, these rogue actors should be givenall the comforts of Chelsea Manning�s vacated cell.

Source: Youtube