What Russians read and what international press is telling their readers about Russia today, Wednesday August 28 2013.

Today's main news on both sides of the border, are about the situation in Syria. Again having the advantage to access both the information coming from the Russian/Syrian side and the (dis)information as presented by the “western” media. It is hard to understand the logic in the American sureness about who is guilty of the use of chemicals weapons without any other proof than hearsay and unverified images to back their statements up.

Yesterday I asked the question why Syria is that important for the USA and their European allies. Could the risk of a cooperation between Assad's Syria and Iran bringing Iranian oil to the Mediterranean in a pipeline through Syria be one of the reasons?

Today's overlap of topics in Russian press and the international is 2 (Syria and Belorussia/Uralkalki) of 16 Russian topics.

The video of today comes from CNN which actually gives the Syrian perspective and the reasons why “Why Russia Will NEVER Abandon Syria!”. The video starts with what must be regarded as the Tweet of today by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin – “The West is acting in the Islamic world like a monkey with a hand grenade.” Watch the video from CNN below:

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Here are the Russian headlines. As before, with courtesy of RIA Novosti.


Russian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, August 28, 2013. © RIA Novosti. Rybchinskiy

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A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today Wednesday, August 28, 2013


After statements critical of Damascus by Western leaders, a military operation to strike Syria seems imminent. According to US media reports, the US armed forces are about to complete preparations for a two-day operation to strike military objects in Syria. (Kommersant, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Vedomosti, Izvestia)

Russia may launch a new mechanism of state support for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as early as this year, the head of the presidential human rights council, Mikhail Fedotov, said. According to Izvestia, the council would request President Vladimir Putin to exclude the controversial “foreign agent” term from the controversial law and introduce detailed quarterly reports by NGOs about their sources of financing instead. (Kommersant, Izvestia)

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister met with Belarusian Ambassador to Moscow Igor Petrishenko to demand the release of Russian potash producer Uralkali’s CEO Vladislav Baumgertner, detained in Belarus earlier this week. Moscow also sought explanations of the incident. (Kommersant, RBC Daily, Rossiiskaya Gazeta)

Russian prosecutors are investigating possible links between an ethnic group crime gang and Yevgeny Roizman, a candidate for mayor of Yekaterinburg who has previously headed a controversial anti-drugs group and been a thorn in the side of the local authorities. (Moskovsky Komsomolets)


The problem of attracting investment remains the major obstacle for the development of entrepreneurship in Russia, according to Ernst & Young’s 2013 G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer, released ahead of the G20 business summit in St. Petersburg. However, Russia was ranked first in terms of state support for business. (Kommersant, Izvestia)

Russia’s latest economic crimes amnesty has been unsuccessful, according to the presidential human rights council. At a meeting with Vladimir Putin on September 4, its head Mikhail Fedotov may raise the issue of another amnesty to mark the 20th anniversary of the Russian constitution. The idea is being discussed by all political factions in the Russian parliament. (Kommersant)


The political and economic crisis in Egypt has not affected the work of oil and gas companies. However, the government owes them at least $5 billion. (Vedomosti)


The international aviation and space exhibition, MAKS-2013, opened on Tuesday in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow. Deals signed so far include helicopter sales to Colombia and leases and sales of Russia’s MS-21 and SuperJet 100 airliners. (Izvestia, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Vedomosti)


State-run hydroelectric power holding company RusHydro may receive 100 billion rubles (over $3 billion) from Russia’s pension funds to build power plants in Siberia and Far East. (Vedomosti)


For the first time, Facebook revealed the number of requests for user information that it had received from governments of various countries. Only one such request came from Russia in 2013, compared to over 10,000 from the United States. (Vedomosti)


The planned merger of M.Video and Eldorado, Russia’s two biggest retailers of household appliances, has ended in failure. (Kommersant)

Russia's largest pharmaceutical company, Pharmstandart, will invest $30 million into anti-cancer research by US firm Argos Therapeutics and become the company’s shareholder. (Kommersant, Vedomosti)


Securities fraud mastermind Oleg Kuznetsov who made 100 million rubles (over $3 million) in 2009-2010, was sentenced to three years in prison and a fine of 200,000 rubles. ($6,000). (Kommersant, Vedomosti)


The Primorye Territory in Russia’s Far East said Macau gambling mogul Lawrence Ho and his partners are ready to invest more than $700 million into a casino project. (Vedomosti)


Russia’s special services will built a communications network for the armed forces, law-enforcers and security services to respond to cyber attacks from abroad and prevent possible leaks. (Kommersant)


The head of the Security Council in Russia’s turbulent North Caucasus Republic of Ingushetia, Akhmed Kotiyev, was shot dead Tuesday. The assassination was blamed on a local group of militants. A special Investigative Committee team was set up to investigate the high-profile killing. (Kommersant, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Izvestia)

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