zdrastwujtie rebiata As you could see Slavic kucam like a genuine Gopnik as well as I talk to you a little in Russian as well as this obviously implies that we ' ll speak about Russia LETS GO! you may have listened to – Russia is just one of the nations around the Polish currently informed you in the past, that is an unusual bird symbol for years, this bird was an African-Americanhowever a couple of years ago they determined to transform the shade of the symbol as well as currently it appears the bird was existing also long in something revolting excellent selection of Russia, it was a wonderful selection usually never ever in my life, also in a million years I would certainly not claim anything great concerning Russia however Vladimir Putin paid me cash but you recognize that someplace I need to gain their millions fact? He called me on the cellular phone as well as stated: So, hello there Paul I went down a little bomb on the planet as well as currently no person does not like me So, you could make a flick concerning Russia individuals began to see it in an extra favorable light? you pay in rubles as well as I resembled, see Vladimir see however later on I determined to assist this inadequate pierdolcowi So currently thanks for visiting buddies 7 excellent aspects of Russia So, the Russians have a great society as well as in my point of view a vital part of Russian society is Russian individual songs For instance, Russian hardbas, you recognize? Russians are doing truly, truly, great hardbas however on the various other hand, in my point of view the very best Russian hardbas the globe was developed in Poland you recognize? This art piece was developed by Polish musician Maciek Male ńczuk as you can listen to the songs as well as see as well as vidjo likewise been funded by Vladimira Putina however he did not pay sufficient to state his name just name one more excellent feature of Russia is that there are a great deal of stunning females This excels, great however on the various other hand, in Poland, we likewise have stunning females however they have various other benefits Polish females are not just good however likewise a solid, clever as well as independent Another excellent feature of Russia is that it is truly, truly huge outstanding, huge 10 thousand kilometers in size great inquisitiveness if you wish to go from one component of Russia to the various other it would certainly take you 2 hundred as well as fifty days one more great inquisitiveness if you would certainly such as a taxi trip from one component of Russia to the various other You never ever discover the motorist silly adequate to take you there is no question that Russia is a lot larger compared to Polish however not every person recognizes Russia contains 2 components Russia high as well as alongside a tiny Russian Polish calling itself the Kaliningrad island like Russia truly little as well as Poland is without a doubt higher than toto as well as currently I wish to inform you something concerning the largest export item Russia you recognize? because, as you most likely recognize, Russia creates the very best bad guys, superłotrów as well as crazy researchers on the planet a previous KGB representative, was enclosed the Gulag till she consumed coworker cell Accessory my body is unbeaten, so beware really rogues as well as superłotry so well where they maintain, that a person of them also came to be head of state of the Russian Federation This may be the only point where Russia is truly far better compared to the Polish There are no bad guys Polish all Poles ready in their hearts some may take as well as trick lots of however we ready in our hearts My grandpa constantly informed me if you guarantee to do the work, however its not mosting likely to finish take cash ahead of time So, Vladimir Putin assured that I would certainly do vidjo: “”Sevenexcellent aspects of Russia”” as well as made just 4 however I ' m smart First I took a development, you recognize? say goodbye to remarkable points concerning Russia I am a common Polish expert – specialist I ' m not money grubbing breakthrough sufficient for me say goodbye to excellent points, Putin does not as well as currently among my lots of relativesChristopherwish to inform you something please watch Please subscribe, like it as well as show buddies the Twyterze Fejsbuku Plus Gugle Majspejs Anything.

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