Wilfred – the lovable pot-smoking Australian dog .
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There have been some pretty unrealistic representations of Australians on screen around the world, but sometimes they can be painfully en pointe.

Australians at home seem like normal people, but set them in another country and some of them become the loudest, most boorish group of people you'll likely meet.

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Is it the oft-discounted airline tickets and high wages that turn some of them into detestable dickheads? Perhaps it's only the accent?

Whatever it might be, that famous Aussie charm can become overbearing when transplanted to different regions, which is why some TV novelists have stimulated Australians into instead contemptible characters. Here are some cringe-worthy examples.

Mark's flatmate Saz from Peep Show

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There is a reason why some British people call Australians “jafas”( just another f* cking Australian ). It's because of the likes of Saz, who appears for one episode of British comedy classic Peep Show .

We all know a Saz. Crass, loud, excruciating to be with in public. Drunk and hollering indecencies in the middle of Leicester Square at 9 p. m. and passing out by 10, merely to do it all over again the next night.

Keitha from Flight of the Conchords

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There are no bigger rogues in the TV series Flight of Conchords than the Australians. After all, it's a prove make use of arch-rivals, New Zealanders.

Most of the Aussies in the prove are a caricature. Smug, self-important and disparage. But in real life, you're more likely to meet a Keitha. She's a little rough around the edges.

Keitha has an apartment that is frighteningly covered in Australian-themed memorabilia and loves getting on the phone to her mom who tells her she sounds like Marilyn Monroe , now that she's in America. Who? “MARALYN MUNROE. YEAH. I TALK LIKE HER NOW.”

Atticus Fetch in Californication

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Californication's Atticus Fetch, who is really an extension of comedian Tim Minchin's persona, is what you'd call a “loose unit” Down Under. According to Urban Dictionary, that's someone who is either “uncouth, unreliable or unpredictable.” Or all three.

Fetch a rockstar, of course loves partying and talking about how much he does it. Not unlike that “loose unit” you remember from university. Despite a damaging addiction to cocaine and being an unabashed chauvinist, Fetch is a somewhat loveable kind of guy. Somewhat.

Wilfred in Wilfred

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We know that the Australian version of TV prove Wilfred is better, but the character of Wilfred didn't change much in the U.S. version starring Elijah Wood. He's still the bong-smoking pooch we've come to know and love.

Wilfred is the somewhat stupid, knockabout bloke that has more than a few section 10 ‘s to his name. Yet despite the cringe factor and the idiocy, Wilfred occasionally pulls out those odd moments of wisdom that constructs the struggle all worth it.

Every Australian in the ‘Bart vs. Australia' episode of The Simpsons

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We chuckled at the unrealistic brutish nature of the Australians in ‘Bart vs. Australia', influenced by the likes of Crocodile Dundee and “Jacko” the Energizer man that infiltrated America during the ‘8 0s.

But there is maybe some truth in the way they were portrayed? Take Australian legislator Barnaby Joyce, and his oddly harsh and comical threat to kill Johnny Depp's dogs, for instance. Or that time former prime minister Tony Abbott would be in danger of “shirtfront” Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Okay, maybe it wasn't that unrealistic. #Straya

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