Saint-Denis, France( CNN) Here are the latest details related to the French police raid on suspected terrorists in a Paris suburb, as well as the larger fighting involving ISIS and the West 😛 TAGEND

Latest developings:

Wednesday's raid on a building in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis happened after Belgian and French security bureaux picked up phone communications indicating a relative of suspected Paris attacks ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud was there, a Belgian counterterrorism official told CNN. French police also had strong information that Abaaoud was in France.

Investigators will use DNA analysis to determine whether Abaaoud died in that French police operation, in accordance with the same Belgian official. A female blew herself up when authorities raided its construction and French forces employed powerful munitions to counter the suspects, resulting in an entire floor collapsing, the source said. Examiners have found body parts among the rubble.

Turkish police detained eight ISIS-linked suspects who'd arrived at an Istanbul airport from Casablanca, Turkish police said Wednesday, according to the semi-official Anadolu news agency. The eight Moroccans said they had booked a hotel in Turkey and were preparing to head to Germany — via Greece, Serbia and Hungary — the report added, pointing to official documents seized by police laying out the travel route.


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